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Červen 3, 2013 - 10:28 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

Jája Šram Everything changed during last few days. I has been very busy, I´m finishing few projects in my job, I was finishing also preparation for our June course, some time took preparation of the October course for UK group, and I started preparation for WFFCH 2014, I preliminary booked hotel and we prepared preliminary programme and budged. The weather has been very bad, so I was out for fishing only few times, I visited Vltava 29, Vltava 28 (I met Jaromír Šram practising for elimination to Czech team) and I had great afternoon at Vltava 24 trophy, I caught one nice afternoon and get 14 rainbows in size 0,5 – 2 kg in 1,5 hours, mostly on nymphs but some of them on dries, I finished at six and more over I managed in-line skating along the Vltava river with my wife during sunset, what a romance !!! :-) .

We also continued in our programme aimed on the reintroduction of grayling to Vltava river, we stocked 20 000 YOY fish and also 400 older fish from hatchery and we also restocked 100 mature wild grayling from Volyňka river. My challenge is to have there a self-reproducing  population by within ten years. We will see.

Last Thursday I was called by dispatcher from Vltava River Authority that they can not probably keep lower flow for our elimination to be held during oncoming weekend as there is expected heavy rain. They had to increase flow in Vltava river from 10 m3/s to 25-30 m3/s, which is un-fishable. … so we decided to change the schedule … but on Saturday morning was flow 60 and in the evening 100 m3/s. In České Budějovice, where the standard flow  in this part of the year is about 20 m3/s, Vltava culminated at 483 m3/s and almost whole Czech republic has been flooded in two days. It was unfortunately clear, that we had to cancel our June course. I will try to organise a substitute programme only for people who are flying from Canada, South Africa and Finland and can not change fly tickets, hopefully there would be  fishable rivers in the north-east part of the Czech republic, we will see.  Hope that next report will be more optimistic.

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