Traun River with Michal and Tobi

Březen 3, 2014 - 7:15 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

p1100364 In the middle of January Tobi and Michal offered me to join them during visit of Traun River in Austria. I like this river as it is big river with big fish, it is possible to catch there grayling over 50 cm and rainbows of 2-3 kg , all fish are nice and clear and they fight hard. However it is not easy water. I had not been there for few years, weather forecast was not bed, so I very appreciated the invitation . We left home at 6 and at about 10 we were in the water. Unfortunately in our stretch of water was all day fog and temperature about zero.

Guys jumped to water and got fish almost simultaneously in the first pool. I could not catch a fish for two hours, but finally I found out how to get them. In the clear low cold water were fish in deeper pools and it was difficult to get 2 nymphs to the depth and also to get closer to fish. I started catching fish after I replaced my “competition” leader by my old “French” leader built from 16 m of 0,45 Camoufil nylon and 75 cm long strike indicator. I was fishing with two jigs with 4,5 mm tungsten beads, it was necessary to cast upstream as far as possible, to left flies sink and in the end of drift came take. I was fishing with my favourite 10 feet SAGE Z AXIS size 5, but I feel, that it would be better to use longer rod, I will probably buy for this conditions brand new Hanák Competition Alpen Nymph or  Hanák Competition Nymph Champion 4/5.

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