Few visits of Warm Vltava

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p1220141 I visited Warm Vltava few times during October and November, not so many times as I would imagine, but it was fine. Extremely low flow caused situation that also bigger graylings had to move from deep pools to rifles as in the pools was almost still-water.  Therefore it was caught many nice fish in size 36 – 42 cm  this year, mainly in the easiest places for fishing just under the riffles in the mouths of pools. It was again proved my great idea to increase the size limit of grayling in all our waters to 40 cm, otherwise majority of this fish would be dead. Moreover, it was caught many fish in size 28 – 33 cm so we have enough mature fish for future reproduction.  The best method how to manage native fish populations is simply let them without management :-)


First day I was with Honza Vender in Dobra, fish were rising from lunch time, so I was fishing only on dries. Olive Shutlecock size 18 and fluorocarbon HC 0,10 was the ideal choice. I was casting only on bigger fish and I caught about 30 graylings, what a great day. On the way home I visited my favourite secret place in forest and I found few mushrooms, the only mushrooms found this season which was almost without rain.

Another day I was fishing a little downstream under confluence of Warm Vltava with Cold Vltava, I started with nymphs and the orange tag jig size 18 worked well, I caught also few nice browns. Fish were not rising intensively this day and all occasionally rising fish I got on nymph. I found two holes where are nesting kingfishers, you can recognise it easily by the two “tracks” :-)

In the beginning of November, I was fishing more downstream at Chlum, I was fishing dry fly – nymph method and dry fly. I had to go to HC 0,08 mm tipped as fish were very shy this bright day. In the middle of the river I found excrements from mouse :-) . Have you ever noticed beautiful rainbow colours on the tail of grayling?

Winter will be long :-(

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