1st league

Červenec 20, 2016 - 1:28 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

tonda-1 The spring part of the First Czech Fly-fishing League was held in the South Moravia, in the river Svratka. We had big respect to this competition, as we qualified to this privileged society last year for the first time. I was practising there two times, river was full of fish, but in my opinion, individual sections were not similar, somewhere was a lot of fish and some parts were very difficult. Competition is composed by spring and autumnal parts and every part consist from four 3-hours sessions with rotation after 90 minutes in every session, everybody fishes two sessions and judges two sessions.

I was judging during first session on the Saturday morning, so I could observe best competitors in the world in action and it was very educating. In my session in the afternoon, I decided to start with nymphs but I had only two fish in the scoring card after 30 minutes, what a surprise, so I moved to dry fly and caught another 15 fish in the next 60 minutes, it was not bad, but the first 30 minutes of wasting time costed me better place. In the second part of my session I was fishing only with dries and I caught only 7 fish and lost another 5 and my result was good enough only for the last 10th place. What an awaking :-)

On Sunday morning in my second session, I started immediately with dries and I get first fish on the very first cast, finally I caught 40 fish and gained 3 place. My suspicions were proved during competition as there were “wining beats”, “average beats” and “looser beats”.  First day, I had one “average beat” and one “looser beat”, I was fishing poorly, so the result was poor. Second day, I had one “winner beat” and one “average beat”, I was fishing well and my result was also not bad, in fact, I had not chance to beat competitors in the first and second place as they had great beats and caught over 60 fish.

Who says that present fly fishing and mainly competitions are only about rolling of nymphs on french leader is far away from reality, nymphing is easy and everybody has the same patterns, same rods, but dry fly can make difference !!!

My mates from our team were fishing like me, so we finished on the unpopular 9th place (first falling) after spring round, but distance to the 8 place is not big. It was big experience, and we are ready to fight for better place in the autumnal round which we are hosting in Vltava river.

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