Somebody could say that it is boring to fish for stockies ….

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p1330684 .. but I don´t thing that :-)  After one week of skiing holiday with kids I had enough “home points”  so I was checking possibilities where to “wet a knot”during weekend. The strong cold front was moving through our country from north east during Saturday, but the temperature in the South Bohemia was above zero whole day whilst the rest of our country was gripped by blizzard. The discharge in the Vltava river was ideal, our fishery Vltava 24 was stocked by fresh fish on Thursday, so it was no doubt where to go. We met with Honza at the railway bridge at 10 a.m. and we decided to check the lower part of the fishery. There was already several fishermen in the water and I noticed a few bent rods. I helped to one funny guy to land his good fish as he had too small net (we say, that is was just good for butterflies …)
To cut a long story short, we both caught about 10 rainbows within approximately 3 hours, all fish of size 45 – 55 cm, both overwintered fish and stockies. I tried several colours of blob, and also nymphs and squirmies, all flies worked well.

On Sunday, it was too could for me (-8°C), but Tobi, who returned from skiing on the Sunday afternoon, could not resist and persuaded Jirka to go fishing and they also caught over ten fish. Jirka get the fish which smashed my leader two weeks ago. Next week it will be warmer …

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