End of every season always belongs to our trophy water Vltava 24

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p1370703 In the end of every season, I always focus on fishing in our trophy water Vltava 24 which is located 5 kilometres far from my town, days are short, weather and water are cold, so it is not good for a long trip and a long fishing. Few hours fishing after lunch are always enough, and you can have really nice day. More over, Honza has small boat in one part above a weir and there are many big pikes. I was not lucky for a big pike, I caught only few smaller babies, but Honza got few monsters attaching 1 m border and followers which did not take were much bigger, of course :-)

p1370855 But we also tried trout fishing, if the water was muddy, I successfully used team of traditional flies – orange blob jig and squirmy :-) , and in the clear water, small jigs size 14 – 16  worked best and also the traditional czech nymphs of the size 12 in the green colour.

p1370863 Top of the season came in the last week, when a warming came after short frosty period and water was very clear. First afternoon, I caught 14 rainbows size 40 – 50 cm and one chub in an hour and a half, all on the long nymph using 0,16 mm fluorocarbon Hanák Competition and small jigs size 16 tied on reinforced Hanák jig hook size 16. I used SAGE Z-Axis rod size 5, my favourite rod for the trophy water. I could not believe, how many fish is in the water, I was fishing maybe 60 metres of river, in fact, I caught all fish in 3 pools.

p1370937 I returned back after one day, with the same setup, and after two nice fish of about 40 cm I hooked something heavy and I knew, that it would be real trest of the equipment. After about 5 minutes, a monster let me lift it to the surface of the river, and I thanked to Saint Peter that I took the landing net with me :-) After another 5 minutes, I got it to the net. I release a lot of fish, but I´m sorry, this was an exceptional fish and a great dinner for two families :-) The fish had 64 cm and 3,48 kg …

I always smile, when we discus in our regional board or in the main board of the Czech Angling Union about fishing rules with people who don´t go fishing. I always say, go fishing, and you will see, what is better for fishing, don´t sit in the office and don´t listen liars and whimpers!!!

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