Vltava 24 again superb

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p1380067 January is always busy month in my job, we are finishing reports from just finished  projects, writing annual reports from running projects, planing work for next season and also starting new projects. I was not thinking about fishing at all, more over it has been blizzard or rain outdoors since new year, and river has been murky. But, on Thursday, I finished some important work and arranged a lot of things and I noticed sunshine penetrating the low clouds after the lunch. img_6259 I checked flow in the river (18 m3/s, 1,2 °C) and outdoor thermometer (+2°C), it looked promising, so I packed my gear and called Tobi (too busy) and Honza (too lazy) to join me, so I went fishing alone. At about 2 pm I was at river, water was surprisingly relatively clear, and in two hours I caught 15 rainbows and one chub on team of blobs, more over I saw one rising fish (and got it on the emerging blob :-) ), the biggest fish had about 50 cm. Honza finally came to visit me and he made the picture with the nice silver trout. At 16:30 I was back in front of the screen of my computer with brain full of fresh oxygen and blood  full of adrenaline :-)
SAGE Z-Axis size 5 and tippet 0,16 mm fluorocarbon HC worked well, however, 0,18 mm would be maybe more sure for this hard-fighting fish.

p1380099-kopie Next day the situation was similar, I finished a meeting with a major of a town close to České Budějovice at about 13:00 and bright sunshine did not allowed me to go back to office. I called Tobi, we set our meeting at 14:00 at river and I was hurrying home for equipment. At 2 p.m. we were in river. Finally, we hooked 18 fish between us in two hours, I caught half fish on blob and the other half on the orange tag size 16. Memorable were my first which had about 2 kg, the next two fish caught together on the team of tequila blobs :-) and the beautifully coloured trout caught on the nymph.  We finished our fishing session by the great goulash in local pub “Poslední štace” I thing, that this season is running more then satisfactorily.


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