Hungarian Vltava Cup 2023

Květen 2, 2023 - 8:17 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

After the first very successful year of the event, I was again asked by my Hungarian friends for help with the organization of second year. Vltava cup 2023 was again hosted by Penzion Herbertov, our favourite fly-fishing base. The camp consisted of two practice days, one day competition and one day of free fishing. I helped with arranging of all necessary licences, during the two practice days and with organisation of the competition. We had problem with high discharge in Vltava river under Vyšší Brod, so all four days we had to fish in Vltava 29 Devil Stones. However, the fishery consist from three different parts, the upper trophy part, middle wild only brown trout section and lower section with mixed fish stock composed also by rainbow trout, brook trout and white fish, so it was not and monotonously and  I hope that everybody was satisfied and enjoyed the camp. The group of 20 people consisted from both beginners and experienced fishermen who had already attended World Championships. The only chance how to improve for Hungarian fly fishers is  to go abroad, but on the other hand, location of Hungary is not far from Czech Rep., Slovakia, Austria  and Slovenia, which is not bad :-)

During competition, organisers used special system of evaluation known mainly from carp and predatory competitions, that we had no judges, all competitors fish in the same time, and every catch had to be photographed. For me it was great  opportunity to see it and test it, but I thing, that for fly-fishing competition in rivers is this system not suitable as handling with expensive mobile phones in the river is not safe and more over, preparation for photographing takes time and it extends handling and stressing of fish, which is not good.

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