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Pavel Kudrna The last weekend in September belongs to the peak of the fly-fishing competition season for our competitors as well as for our foreign friends. The bank holiday 28th September fell on Friday, therefore the Hanák Open Series started with Svatováclavský cup at the Květoňov lake.
As we welcomed 72 competitors,  we stocked 1200 rainbows (including fish over 2 kg), we ordered great refreshment stand,  I prepared special draw composed by six rounds which includes four rounds in all four sectors and two breaks for every competitor … but despite of suitable weather, the competition was absolute flop,  it was caught only 149 fish altogether, fresh stocked fish did not take and the big fish lethargically tottered along the banks and were probably easy target for local pikes. Interesting finding from this competition for everybody was unquestionable fact, that under this terrible conditions could win only the best competitors, who were able to concentrate and to score from sporadic takes.  (I had no any take :-) The Svatováclavsky cup 2012 was deservedly won to Roman Heimlich, who caught fish in all four rounds as well as the runner up Pepa Hanák.

We don´t exactly know what happened with the stocked rainbows, but this fish did not died, they were not visibly ill, but they started to take gradually during next four weeks. Fish were probably affected by long transport, for the future it is necessary to stock not only one sort of fish, but to combine fish from local hatchery with fish from other suppliers and it is necessary to find another supplier.

team south-east (jihovychod) The Theodor Kouba Memorial hosted 40 teams from five countries including top Czech competitors (inclusive of 18 medallist from European and World Championships). Before the competition, we stocked 700 kg of rainbows from raft (to every beat 20 fish), but they were unfortunately from the same supply like the fish in Květoňov lake.
Before the official draw in Lesanka pub, I made short meting for foreign teams as usually to have time to welcome old good friends and to explain rules of competition, as we had prepared something new. Minimal size of fish was decreased to 15 cm and fish were only counted, not measured. Competitor only showed fish in the net to judge and released it back. In case of doubt, competitor is required to go to judge and to measure the fish. Every team can measure bigger fish, as in the case of the same number of caught fish, better is the team with the bigger fish. The main aim of this rule was to limit handling and replacement of caught fish and to protect them, second aim was to try to make competition more fair as stocked rainbows are usually concentrated in few beats with deep pools and it is very difficult to beat this beats.
Everybody went to sleep after draw and few beers as the first round started at 9 o’clock. I again fished with my friend Jiří Pejchar in the team called South-East, the third one was Míla Trousil, member of the Czech Youth Team. I always don´t fish in the first round in the case, that it is necessary to solve a problem. Boys had relatively good richly rugged beat in the Sector B and they thoroughly hoovered it, however their 82 fish was not enough for the first place which was taken by 90 fish !!! In the afternoon, we had one of the best beats in the Sector C, the big pool called “At the Track” . But the problem was, that stocked rainbows did not take and there is not to many browns. I was fishing with Míla and we could not catch on, but after approximately one hour I “tuned” my leader and started catching fish. I finally caught 16 fish and Míla added another 8 and our 24 fish sufficed for the 6th place, if only we have caught 6 more fish, we took 3rd place in this round and the bronze medal in the whole competition. On Saturday evening was official dinner, roasted dug with dumplings and cabbage was amassing and  whole party was great, it is always good to see old friends. I was surprised, that people who claim that they don´t speak English were almost fluent in the end of party.
In the last round we had relatively good long beat in the Sector C, it was caught there 47 and 67 fish on Saturday. Our bank of the river was shallow with weed, behind the weed was significant edge and the middle and the opposite part of the river had the ideal depth of 0,5-1,5 m. We were fishing upstream and I was searching the middle of the river with three a little heavy nymphs while Jiří was going after me and he was focusing on the opposite bank of river with many pools and backwaters. We started well catching fish during first few casts, but after 15 minutes I told Jiří, that except serious takes on the point fly (black with cooper head) I had few short hits which I could not convert. He had the same experience and we decided to change silver bead of the fly in the middle of the cast, I used orange tag jig with cooper bead and Jiří the same fly but with violent bead, and it worked well, fish had probably seen to many silver beads on Saturday. We caught altogether 75 fish including brown trout, rainbow trout, brook trout, grayling and dace, and it was victory in the last round which lifted us to the total 6th place. What a shame the second round.

It was caught 4605 fish and the Theodor Kouba Cup was won by the team from our Fly fishing club České Budějovice, detailed results and more pictures you can find here

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