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Christmas trip to Traun river

Leden 2, 2015 - 10:28 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

p1140705 I found new Hanák Alpen Nymph rod 4 in 1 size 4 under Christmas tree, where else to test it than in the Alps in the Traun river. I was offered by my friends Franta, Tobi and Jirka to attend their annual trip during Christmas holiday (best date, you have enough “home points” and rivers in Austria are in great condition) . We met at 7 o’clock at petrol station in Kaplice and after good breakfast we headed to Bad Ischl, at 10:30 we were in water. First day we were fishing part of river called Goiserner Traun between the Hallstatter See and Bad Goisern. I was fishing with Jirka, we both caught 6 fish, I get only graylings, two in size 40 + and  four of +-50 cm. Jirka had 1 rainbow and 5 graylings in similar size, Franta and Tobi had similar result. Fish has not been in deeper pools yet but along the edges in main current. Fishing condition were good, cloudy, light snowfall,  temperature was about zero and flow was lowest in our memory. The best fly was PTN jig with silver tungsten bead. After fishing we went to Thermal Spa in Bad Ischl (swimming, light dinner and 4 beers), next to Schloss Restaurant Sissy (shrimp-cocktail, two beers, four Birne-snaps), next to Kebab take-away for late dinner and next to Gasthaus Sandwirt (night cup – Irish whiskey) and next to bed, what a nice day :-)

In  the morning after great breakfast we moved downstream and we fished part of river called Ebendsee Traun. River was a little wider but still low, only weather was rougher, whole day was snowfall and cold wind. We both again caught 6 fish, I got two graylings and four rainbows, to play the biggest one took me 15 minutes. But Jirka caught real monster which took twice whole French leader, floating line and few metres of backing. Best fly was orange blob on Hanák suberb jig hook size 10 with tungsten bead. I used both days Hanak Floucarbon tippet 0,16 mm.

I have to say that Alpen Nymph rod suits well for this style of fishing as it enables to cast set of two heavy nymphs on French leader and to lead them in deep strong current in distance as fish can see you in clear water and you can not come closer to them. I use only one extension piece (11 feet) and it is enough. I very appreciate its flexibility as when you see fish rising, you can easily shorten it to 10 feet which is ideal for this river for dry fly. For this stile of rivers I use instead of special French leader 15 metres of 0,45 camofil nylon and I´m able to cast it whole. Size 4 is strong enough to hook fish of 6 lb on jig hook size 10 and to play the fish and fine enough to play smaller fish. I hope we will visit Traun again this winter.


Traun River with Michal and Tobi

Březen 3, 2014 - 7:15 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

p1100364 In the middle of January Tobi and Michal offered me to join them during visit of Traun River in Austria. I like this river as it is big river with big fish, it is possible to catch there grayling over 50 cm and rainbows of 2-3 kg , all fish are nice and clear and they fight hard. However it is not easy water. I had not been there for few years, weather forecast was not bed, so I very appreciated the invitation . We left home at 6 and at about 10 we were in the water. Unfortunately in our stretch of water was all day fog and temperature about zero.

Guys jumped to water and got fish almost simultaneously in the first pool. I could not catch a fish for two hours, but finally I found out how to get them. In the clear low cold water were fish in deeper pools and it was difficult to get 2 nymphs to the depth and also to get closer to fish. I started catching fish after I replaced my “competition” leader by my old “French” leader built from 16 m of 0,45 Camoufil nylon and 75 cm long strike indicator. I was fishing with two jigs with 4,5 mm tungsten beads, it was necessary to cast upstream as far as possible, to left flies sink and in the end of drift came take. I was fishing with my favourite 10 feet SAGE Z AXIS size 5, but I feel, that it would be better to use longer rod, I will probably buy for this conditions brand new Hanák Competition Alpen Nymph or  Hanák Competition Nymph Champion 4/5.