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Vltava 33 with Jirka and Honza

Březen 5, 2014 - 9:07 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

9  I had solid cold turkey after 6 weeks of making of “home points”, working on new projects in my regular work and on preparation of the world and without fishing. I met Jirka during the week and we decided to explore a for us non-known stretch of Vltava river just above the Lipno lake. Jirka picked me up at home, on the way we bought coffee at petrol station in Český Krumlov and we headed to cottage of Honza Vender located at the upper end of Lipno lake. Honza could not go with us as he had to work at cottage, but he was so kind and took us to river as parking is prohibited in the territory of the National Park.
Weather was fantastic, birds were already singing, I saw kingfisher, met wild boars family and we got some nice fish. We finished at about 4 p.m. and Honza picked us up about 3 km downstream from the place, when he had left us. After we changed our fishing clothes, we spend one hour talking at fireplace, Honza served original Hungarian sausages from his friend who is Hungarian champion in making of sausages :-) and Pilsner beer.
Honza started his fishing life there with his father 30 years ago, his cottage is full of old trophies, pictures and memories. Now he also comes with his sons in every free day. What a nice day!!!

Cold Warm Vltava river with Honza

Březen 6, 2013 - 11:22 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

p1040972 After almost three months of overcast sky (it was the record period of lowest sun shine in memory in Czech), we had have first few nice sunny days which promised incoming spring. I was skiing with kids during weekend and I watched the blue sky through the windows in my office and through the pictures from weekend fishing from my friends. Yesterday I decided to a little refresh my working enthusiasms and I arranged one day fishing for Wednesday. We met with Honza in Volary at 10am and we headed to the stretch of the Warm Vltava which is open for fishing all year around. The weather and nature were so nice that it would had been a great day without any catch. I also looked forward to test my new rod which I bought from one competitor, the specially extended SAGE SLT 9´00´´ for line  3, which is great for all kinds of fishing and mainly the french-nymph style.

The water was still low and clear although the afternoon temperatures has reached 10°C during last two days as in the night, there is still frost and snow in mountains is still not melting. We started fishing at about 11, I caught couple of grayling in the first pool by almost the very first cast, but beginning of fishing was slow. We were enjoying nice countryside and admired work of beavers and we were trying to localise fish.

The hatch of black stone-fly enhanced activity of fish after lunch and we found, that active fish are not in deep holes but in relatively shallow parts with slowly flowing water, usually in the end of pool above rifles. Best flies were jigs with dark body and pink or coper head, the olive one was also good. We caught over 30 fish between us, fifty fifty grayling and brown trout, I also got two small rainbows. Five graylings were in size 35+ and also few browns was over 30, so it was great day.

Journey back to the car in the warm afternoon sunbath was a little demanding as we had to go through the deep snow. We missed a few military bunkers which were built before the Second World War to face Nazis, finally not any shot was fired from the bunkers and only angling weapons can be seen here nowadays :-)

Two visits of Vltava river above the Lipno Reservoir

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40+ grayling I had only two opportunities to visit the river of my hearth this Autumn.  First day I was under Dobrá at about 1 p.m. and half hour later, after the run through the saw grass bush, I was staying in the water. Flow was low and water was clear, but cloudy and relatively cold weather promised good fishing, the only drawback was strong wind. Graylings were already rising. I always found a bigger fish, sat down and tried to catch it, if the fish did not like the fly, I changed flies until I got it. I caught about 20 nice graylings size 30 -40 cm in three hours, three of them were over 40, what a beautiful day. At about 4 p.m. fish stopped rising and it was time to go home. The best fly was olive CDC emerger size 18 and palmer with orange tag of the same size. I was fishing with rod SAGE XP size 3 and fluorocarbon tipped 0,10 mm.

camera makes 5 pictures in a second On Friday two weeks later I was invited to a meeting of local fishing club in Lenora. I connected it with the fishing trip, I decided to test stretch close to Lenora to save some time, river flows here close to the road. I left car at the rail-crossing and walked about half of kilometre upstream, I was sitting on the bank at about 2 p.m. Water was low and clear, dark sky portend coming rain. Despite I noticed few olives flitting about the water, I saw no rising fish, but I made directly dry-fly set-up and tested suitable places where I expected fish. First good grayling only rolled up over the fly and I found, that it would be not easy. I went down with the diameter of the tipped to 0,08 mm and with size of fly to 20. After I used the tiny light grey CDC pattern from Karel with body made from stripped peacock quill, the very first fish sat on the hook safely. I got in the small pool 5 fish and moved slowly down. If I saw rising fish, I got it usually on the first cast, I caught also lot of no rising fish, the pattern was simply irresistible that day. After about 1,5 hour came rain and fish stopped rising, I went to car for a short break and peace of cake. I met group of English fishermen at the car and we chatted a little, they had the same experience. After the rain dropped down, I returned back to the river with nymphing set-up. I got another 20 graylings and few trouts, I used three nymphs size 16 and 0,10 mm leader, best fly was PTN with gold bead and hot-orange thorax. Fish started again to sporadically rise in the evening but I caught all of them on the nymphs, it was only necessary to a little lift the flies in front of the rising fish. Fish were not as big as close to Dobrá two weeks ago, I caught only about 5 fish over 35 cm,  but I got all year classes including YOY fish size about 10 cm, one year old fish size +-18 cm and two years old fish size +-25 cm and three years old fish size +- 30 cm.
I found out marks from beaver´s work, they were already preparing for winter and pulling willow branches to the water.

Vltava 33 with Honza Vender

Září 10, 2012 - 10:50 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

p1020660 During my holiday I spent one morning at Vltava 33 above Lipno reservoir with Honza Vender, who has cottage close to river and belongs to the local specialists. Water was higher after rains and red as it flows from peat-bogs, simply conditions which are always difficult on this river. However, I remember one competition when one older fishermen  from Lenora won in similar conditions with one secret fly, unfortunately he probably took the fly to the grave. We caught some fish including nice graylings, but it was true persuasion. At about lunchtime I saw few hatching olives and also rising graylings. I caught first few smaller graylings on nymph and after I saw first rising big fish, I changed to dry fly. I got first good rising fish by the really first cast on the olive emerger and I was thinking, that I found recipe for that day. But next three same fish showed me, that I´m only a pupil. Although I tried four different flies and used fluorocarbon tippet 0,10 mm, they did not come even to see the fly :-) I had no time to try something different as we had to go home, so I have challenge for next time. It was really great morning in the pure nature.