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Winter windsurfing on the Lipno Lake

Únor 14, 2022 - 10:02 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

p1120759 Fly fishing is not the only winter sport which I like. I constructed home made Ice-Snow-Wind Board (or sledge), I was studying Google and YouTube, I was soaking experiences from our colleagues from Canada and Russia, and next I exchanged old ski for a bottle of wine with my friend and visited OBI to buy all components and I made the board in our living room during one evening. Last weekend we were testing it on the Lipno Lake, which was frozen by solid layer of glassy ice, and the test was successful. If there had been a little more windy and a if a small layer of snow had lay on the ice, it could be fantastic.

But, some fishing wouldn´t be bad, we will see what this week brings :-)

Second half of summer on Lipno lake

Říjen 4, 2020 - 3:55 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

Covid restrictions limited travelling this summer, so apart from our trip to Slovakia we were staying at Lipno Lake for the whole summer. I visited a river a few times, but I focused more on the predatory fish in Lipno Lake. I was fishing both with artificial lures and on a life or dead bait, I preferred fishing with a dead bite on the Drahkowitch system. I caught many zander, few pike and perch and also one decent asp, I thing, that I have never returned without a fish. But one day was exceptional, I was fishing on life roach and bleak and had few takes from smaller zander. Smaller zander rarely takes fish seriously and runs away like a bigger fish (size limit of bite fish is 15 cm), it only sinks floater, stays on place, and releases the bite and again. If you strike immediately, you usually miss or has the fish hooked in jaws and you can release it without a serious injury. So I caught two small zander and also missed few takes, so I had the last life bite fish  – roach of about 18 cm, so I used a bigger floater and released the fish to the lake.  After one minute, the floater sunk by about 15 cm, I thought that it is work of the life bite, but it moved slowly and sunk deeper, so I expected again a small zander, so I struck and what was my surprise when I felt a big resistance, fish was heavy and I could not pull it from the depth, I estimated zander of 1 metre, but finally after about 10 minutes I saw a decent pike jumped from water, I was lucky as it not smashed my 0,30 mm mono tipped without wire,  it had 90 cm. It spat out the dead bait fish, so I decided to give the bait fish another chance and cast it back to water. After 5 minutes, I caught 65 cm zander on it and could go home, some days are happy days :-)

We also enjoined a lot of windsurfing, mainly in the end of August and in September, it is a pity  that we could not go to Lefkada this year, hopefully next year will be OK.

Windsurfing in February? Why not!!!

Únor 28, 2019 - 7:10 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

p1380655 I injured my leg one week ago, so I could not join the first windsurfing party of the year, but the forecast of wind of 20 knots and air temperature of 17°C was irresistible invitation to the Dehtář pond, one of the famous spots nearby České Budějovice. So at least I made few photos.