Lake spring 2014

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kvetonov2014_05_08I have finally time to make some reports from this spring. As they are not to much actual, I will make them short and put only some interesting pictures.

This year I decided to attend all four lake competitions which took part in our country. I was also tying flies only for lakes in winter. Spring was mild and fishing was good since March. Firstly we went to north Moravia to Skalička lake. On the way we make one practice day in Jestřabice lake in south Moravia and it was good idea, we caught some fish, wet our lines and prepared leaders.  Weather during competition was not good, fishing was tough, I did not blanked and finished at 17 place. It was difficult to find a best method, but fish were generally relatively high and black flies worked well.

Next weekend we attended competition of couples with Michal at Jestřabice lake. It is whole day marathon composed by two sessions of five rounds when every couple rotates around the lake twice.  It is necessary to mention evening before competition in a hunting hotel, wild boar for dinner was great and I a little plucked a stuffed Little Owl :-) great material for wings of wet-flies. Best method was slow or fast glass line and roly-poly, we finished morning session with 30 fish in hopeful 5th place, but hesitation during first part of afternoon session sank us to 13th place.

Next I went to Polička lake, two-days competition for 200 anglers, I had not been there for ages, during the first day I found four different successful methods and on Sunday finished in total 5th place, which was great success in this hard concurrence, competition was won by Luboš Roza, the third victory in three subsequent years …

April 16th is opening day in trout waters in the Czech Republic and I was as every year at Květoňov lake. I was followed by Peter  Driver practising before championship, it was nice day and lake invited us with clear water and great quality fish. Next I visited lake for several times and found out deadly method which finally brought me the first victory in May-cup on May 8th. Bad-luck that I had to shoved everything to members of the Czech team as championship neared and total placing 4 after 4 rounds was noticeable. So spring lake season I finished in 15 place in the Czech fly-fishing ranking, good start of the season.


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