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Early spring on Vltava 24

Květen 14, 2021 - 8:08 am Komentáře nejsou povoleny

p1040903 Despite all of the restrictions connected with covid our government did not prohibited movement in nature, so we could go fishing. Only travelling between districts was prohibited, but we have great water on the border of our town. Vltava 24 was great because of mild winter and early arrival of spring, discharge was relatively low, water clear and overwintered rainbows and brooks were rising from the end of February, at first for stonefly, next for olives, next for march brown and finally, in the beginning of April, for daily sedge. And if fish were not rising, we still had nymphs, squirmy and blobs in our boxes, of course :-) In April we started with stocking of fresh fish, mainly of good size of about 50 cm and 1-2 kg, and surprisingly, this fish started immediately rising. I also enjoyed few afternoons with wet flies, mainly different patterns of March brown, on 5-size rod and 0,18 tippet …..

Opening of the season 2021 in Vltava 24

Leden 15, 2021 - 10:22 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

p1030840 Short thaw on Sunday January 3rd was irresistible and after lunch I went to Vltava 24 to open the season 2021. Water was low and clear, and I was surprised, that river was relatively busy, there was a fisherman in every good pool. I the camp I met Honza, owner of the camp, he was just finishing fishing, he caught two rainbows and one small pike on streamer, and he boasted to me that he caught on the first of January a nice rainbow of 60 cm in the most fished place in the middle of the camp :-)

I decided to move to the upper part of the fishery as there was nobody. I caught four fish in 20 minutes on a black streamer, what a great opening day, first fish was edible, but it was first fish of the year, so it had a lucky day :-) Next arrived Jirka, we were fishing pools under weir together, but without success. I decided to go home, and at my car I caught last fish. Jirka caught 6 fish and the last rainbow had 56 cm, so he invited him for dinner :-)

I wish all to have a better year than the past one, however fishermen are modest, if we can go fishing, everything is all right and we accept all restrictions :-)

December fishing and Xmas time

Leden 15, 2021 - 9:59 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

p1030429 In the first half of December we were facing Covid, but luckily we caught a mild version, so I had one day fever and chills and next I was OK. So I still had time in the second half of the month to visit Vltava 24, sometimes alone, sometimes with Honza or Tobi, I caught every time 4-6 trouts in one hour and half, few fish had over 50 cm. I also tried spinning rod and used different baits and streamers and I caught few smaller pike. It was nice, I´m always satisfied if I catch at least one fish in this time of the year. Weather was relatively mild, but after Xmas it cooled down and during my last visit, the river was very cold, on the surface was floating ice and I had not any single take. Not a bad closing day of the year :-)

But my friend Tobi was very successful in December, in one week he caught three fish over 90 cm on a twister, one pike of 115 cm, one carp of 90 cm and another pike over 90 cm. Franta Hanák added nice barbel, I borrowed pictures from their FB profiles.

During Xmas holiday we visited our weekend house at Lipno Lake, we enjoyed ice skating and I made nice pictures of ice floes washed ashore, and what was my surprise, that there was a smaller place without ice on the surface and there was a fishing boat on it, are they brave or mad? :-) We call them patients :-)

Vltava 24

Listopad 17, 2020 - 9:43 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

p1030159_1 I went again to Vltava 24 to the middle of the town of Boršov. I decided to start with the pike-fishing and next to try to catch a rainbow. I started at about 1 p.m., river was dirty because of the “river works” upstream and I did not have a take from a pike for an hour, so I decided to catch a rainbow. I had no take for another half an hour, I was hot and thirsty as the sun peeked out of the clouds and I was “over dressed”, I had a lack of caffeine in my blood, I was simply out of sorts and decided to go home and never return :-) At the car I met a colleague and he told me, that the day before, river cleared before sunset and fishing was not bad. So I took off my jacket and jumper, vent to the local bistro and bought small beer and double espresso “to go” and I headed for the ripples between two bridges in totally different mood. A slip remained me that the local dog-breeders like to use the path along the river …. but nothing to do, I hoped that sand and gravel could clean my felt sole and it could bring me luckiness. The river was really clearing quickly, the low sun illuminated the surface, simply paradise. I had first take on the very first cast and finally, I landed 8 rainbows in the last hour before the sunset. I took the last rainbow home and exchanged it for two pheasants with my colleague from work who is hunter :-)

So what is the lesson? You never know what could happen during fishing and if a fly is in the water, a take can always come …. and water and sand wash shit even out of the felt :-)

Vltava 24, the pike fever also struck me

Listopad 4, 2020 - 3:20 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

Days are shorter, so I prefer to visit Vltava 24 located backyard to save time. Moreover, fishery has been regularly stocked by decent rainbow since September and hosts also big pike. I usually take two rods, one spinning rod with a big streamer and one fly fishing rod with team of nymphs (one of the nymphs has usually big orange or pink collar from fritz :-) .

I usually start with pike fishing, I decided to use spinning rod with brained line, to cast big streamers with fly fishing rod is exhausting and I thing, that strikes with spinning setup are more save. I caught few pikes up to 65 cm, it is interesting, that pike always stay under bank under grass or a tree, and takes immediately after streamer falls to water, or on hang, when you start lifting the fly from water surface or change direction of movement. Never in the middle of the pulling. One fish of about 1 meter jumped from water just when I re-casted the fly and it closed his mouth empty, I had almost heard attack and full underpants. I will be back soon ….

Rainbows takes honestly, average size is 1 kilo, so I use 5-size Z-Axis and 0,18 mm tippet. The best combination is orange tag on dropper and blob on the point, water is unfortunately not clear as there is some “river works” upstream, so dry fly fishing is nothing special despite the high season of olives, it is better only during weekends, when the machines rests.

Heavy rain during the last three days raised the discharge in river, so next weekend I will probably visit river under Vyšší Brod, where the water is clear, or Květoňov lake.

Vltava 24

Září 28, 2020 - 8:40 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

p1020424 I was a little busy during summer and had not so much time for fishing, however, some fishing trips were made and some pictures were taken. Autumnal fishing season is coming, so I have “new October resolution”  to make one actual post and one retrospective from summer every week.

Last week I visited our trophy water Vltava 24. I had only 1,5 hour, water was low and clear, so I decided to try dry-nymph setup and go slowly upstream from camp. First rainbow, a decent fish of about 55 cm, I hooked above one big stone in my favourite  pool as usually, it took 15 m of my competition nymphing leader and 10 m of floating line and finally smashed my tippet under a branch. So I made new leader and moved to another place. In a hole under a willow I caught 2 nice fish of about 45 cm and in the pool under the weir another two. I was very satisfied and hurried to my car to pick up my son after his basketball training. Not a bad start of thew autumnal season in Vltava 24, I´m looking forward to the rise for olives.

Vltava 24 in May

Květen 1, 2020 - 10:55 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

p1000892 I have not too much time for fishing (home office, filed work, housework, homework with kids, windsurfing, beach volleyball … :-) so I go sometimes to Vltava 24, which is in a great condition nowadays, river if full of older and active fish (brook trout was stocked last October and it adapted well and thrives) and also fresh stockies, so you can catch many fish on dry fly, and also some really big fish, mainly on streamer, or nymph, or on a blob. This one had 3,5 kg and it was kindly invited for dinner :-) So 5-size rod, 0,18 mm tippet and reinforced version of Hanák Hooks are necessary, for streamer 0,24 tippet :-) .

Vltava 24 during Eastern

Duben 12, 2020 - 10:15 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

p1000595 During Eastern, I was asked by the Czech National TV to say something about the effects of Covid on the sport fishing, we decided to meet on the bank of  Vltava River, I hoped to catch a fish, but I was amazed by a massive hatch of sedge already from 10 a.m., I caught about 25 fish, rainbow trout, brook trout and chub. This season is simple fantastic on the Vltava river mainly for lovers of dry fly fishing.

And if you would like to see and hear me, below is the link, I smuggled an advertisement for Hotel Annín and hHanák Competition there :-)

Time 2:55:00 of the broadcast, or 17:12 on the clock

Vltava 24 and Květoňov Lake in March

Březen 31, 2020 - 5:55 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

p1000216 Our government introduced some restriction concerning Coronavirus relatively in time, so we have not so dramatic course of the epidemic, they stopped all sport and culture events, closed schools and restaurants and majority of public services, they recommended to limit going to town, shopping and meeting to each other, and we have to wear veil in town, and also people are recommended to work from home if possible.

But fishing is not banned as outdoor activities do not increase the possibility of virus transmission and improve our immune system, of course :-) . So we regularly stock Květoňov Lake and Vltava River and I also sometimes find a space during my home office to go fishing :-) Fishing competitions has been also banned, so we have more time for practice.

In Vltava 24, we have recorded the best winter season in the  memory, the mild weather and lover discharge enabled to survive a lot of fish from last year, and this fish look for a native food. From the end of February, we can see a hatch of an insect every day, it started by stone-fly and just now we have hatch of large olives. And fresh stocked fish always prefer hatch of a blob :-) The blob is phenomenon, it works both in muddy and clear water, I have already caught many species on it, rainbow trout, brook trout, barbel, nase and chub :-) .
As we have stocked relatively big fish, I fish with my favourite Sage Z-Axis size 5 and use 0,18 mm tipped :-) For dry fly, I use 0,14 as the overwintered fish are up to 1 kg.

Květoňov Lake is also great, we have already stocked fish twice, I had also few nice days there, but I did not make a picture, so I borrowed two pictures from Facebook profiles of my friends.


Vltava 24

Březen 10, 2020 - 11:08 am Komentáře nejsou povoleny

20200304_141934 Fishing in Vltava 24 was amazing in the last week as we recorded a massive hatch of brown stonefly, it took always of about 2 hours from 1 till 3 p.m., when females were falling on the water surface and laying eggs to water and it provoked trouts to high activity, it was always possible to catch over 10 fish on dry fly. The best tactic was to cast fly fast just to the head of to the rising fish and it provoked aggressive takes. Life is nod bad if you can catch nice fish on dry fly already in the end of February. I thing, that global warming is not a fake :-) I had my camera in service, so I´m posting only few pictures recorded by mobile phone. Victor also arrived with his family, so everything works well on Vltava 24 this year :-)