Spring in Květoňov lake – third victory in Spring Květoňov Cup in the last three years :-)

Květen 13, 2016 - 11:04 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

p1230548 Since 2015, our small trout reservoir Květoňov is open all year around. However, it is in fact fishable usually from March till December. We plan to try also ice-fishing during winter, but ice has not been strong enough during last two years. Ice disappeared this spring during first week of March and in the mid March we stocked first fresh fish and next we have stocked fish every three weeks. I have visited lake few times and fishing was always good, mixed stock od older fish and stockies of different size offers a chance for few takes every day and every day it is a chance for a fish of about 50 cm. Generally, I found out, that fish were relatively deep, and my yellow and black flies work well :-)

In the first weekend in May, I attended our traditional competition called “Spring Květoňov cup” which I also help to organise. This competition is very prestigious in our club and concurrence is always increased by attendance of people from Czech A and B teams. It was again big portion of luckiness, but I gained again victory . However, considering the third and fifth place from Hanák Open from the last two years, I became specialist on this lake :-)

Fish were very deep considering Czech conditions, where competitions usually take part in carp put and take ponds with water of transparency up to 50 cm, I guess they were in the depth of 3-4 m, I was fishing slow and fast glass lines Airflow 40 + or Hanak Competition Camou intermediate line, and yellow, black and white lures and leader HC 0,20.

My advice is: Use proper equipment, cast as far as possible, wait before start of pulling, often change frequency and speed of pulling and always hang.

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