Winter came without warning, so winter sports are on the agenda

Prosinec 10, 2023 - 10:41 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

Winter came without warning, it started with heavy snowfall, when it fell as much as 70 cm of snow per day, then came frosts over -15°C, and after a week it warmed up again, but we managed all the winter activities, so it can be spring again :-)

First I had to go to save our floating island on Lipno Lake, which was apparently cut off by some poacher, it was quite fun in the snowfall, especially when our boat engine broke down in the middle of frozen Lipno. But we managed it, we disassembled it and stored it on the shore, where it will wait until spring.

We also went to Lipno with Blanka and managed to skate, cross country ski and snow windsurf in one day, no one got hurt, so it was very successful trip :-)

I also found one afternoon for Vltava 24, it was not easy, water is low and clear and fishing pressure is high, I had not so many takes, but if you don’t blank, it’s not a bad day.

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