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Summer on the Lipno Lake

Červen 30, 2020 - 7:16 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

1 In summer, we usually stay at Lipno Lake as I work on my research projects, and there is also windy and fishing is also great there … So we have a lot of fun, windsurfing, carp-fishing, zander-fishing, beach partying, and also some trout fishing, but this in the next post :-)


Still-water autumn – Lipno

Prosinec 6, 2014 - 9:23 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

p1150411 The fishing season is almost over and it is time to a little remember this autumn. I tried few times to catch a carp in Lipno lake and surprisingly I was successful. I started to fish from bank with long rods and bait droppers, I caught few roach, bream and small carp, but it was not ideal. I asked my friends specialists on float-fishing and they recommended me a system with slider float and maggots. I bought everything in Franta´s shop and looked forward to weekend. Weather was nice and warm, on surface were only fine riffles. It was very exiting as I discovered something new. I prepared two rods, made big balls from sand, soil and cereal meal and went by boat for about 100 metres from bank. I anchored and I also anchored small buoy to mark feeding ground about five metres far from boat. I started with pre – baiting and next I had to measure depth of water and to weight floats. It took some time to balance weight and distance between hook and float. Next I opened the plastic box with swarming maggots (the box had been in our fridge without been detected for three days :-)) and surprisingly they were not slimy. I put four-five maggots on hooks and casted both rods to the feeding ground. In the lake was slow current, so it was necessary to recast every 2 minutes, with two rods it was like carousel. First take came very soon, the float shook at first a little, and next slowly sunk, I struck and first fish was on hook. It was roach, next I caught few breams (the float jumped up during take) and also few carps. Two carps of the length of about 50 cm followed me home to remember us upcoming Christmas time, as schnitzel from carp is traditional Czech menu during Eve.  It was definitely different and exiting fishing with fine equipment comparing the ledgering with heavy rods and bait droppers when in fact fish caught themselves. With kites-flying nice weekend. Great new stile of fishing and an opportunity to learn new vocabulary, I have special Czech – English Fishing Dictionary :-)


Září 9, 2013 - 11:35 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

lipno I was asked by my friends Bruno and Christoph to help with organisation of international spinning competition taking place in Lipno lake last weekend. It was two days competition of teams composed by two fisherman in one boat, only artificial baits were allowed, all caught fish are photographed on gauge and released and there were evaluated biggest perch, pike and zander in every day for every team, so in optimal situation the team had 6 eligible fish. Total sum of lengths of this fish was counted.
It was hard  fishing, fish did not take to much and it was sunny and windy, it was caught 216 fish in total: 91 perch, 91 zander and 34 pike. The biggest eligible fish was pike of 76 cm, it was also caught catfish off length about 130 cm and few asp.
I was thinking, that fly fishermen are crazy, but this guys have the same blood :-) Full cars of equipment, whole day in boat, in the pub almost till morning. Maybe I will attend as competitor in the future. More info and results you can find here or on Facebook. Congratulation to Christoph and Bruno for great idea and great organisation.

Summer holiday at Lipno lake

Červenec 14, 2013 - 8:35 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

romantic evening on Lipno I had holiday with my family during first two weeks of July, we stayed at our cottage at Lipno lake and I made also some fishing. I was fishing Vltava above the Lipno lake with Honza Vender, but we caught only coarse fish and few graylings, I thing, that grayling moved upstream because of intensive run of coarse fish from the lake. I also visited Vltava 28, Vltava 29 and Vltava 24, but I will make separate posts.
In fact, I had no much time to pay attention to Lipno lake, but I can write two things.
I found out how to catch asp praying on the small fry along the banks. They were not selective and ate also numerous terrestrials falling on the surface and buzzers. I found out a lethal method, I made set-up from three big black glass-buzzers with green-holo rib and red-holo cheeks on midge tip line, I was wading to the lake about 10 metres far from bank and waiting for an asp attack. After the fish attacked fry in shallow water in casting distance, I casted behind the fish and closed its way back to the deep water, I used quick figures of eight and the take was strong pull, almost like in England.  More over I found, that smoked asp is delicious, so I thing, that they will have a difficult time … first day I noticed 7 fish praying close my shipyard and after one week, there were only 3  :-)
One day I was fishing for zander with Bruno and we had no any take, Bruno said, that it happens once a year :-) Next day, when I was on trip with children and he caught 12 fish…
I bought new echo-sounder to find interesting structures on the bottom which helps during zander-fishing. First day I decided to test some ruined houses on the bottom close to opposite bank of the lake, I marked them on the old military map, found them using GPS and anchored in casting distance. You can see the form,er houses on picture below. the blue area is present are of Lipno lake, on the right side you can see the pristine river bed of Vltava river.
old mapIn the first place I caught small pike (you maybe noticed the orange blob in the tail of the bait :-) ), in the next place I tried several types of wobblers and rubber baits, but I had no take. So I decided to move, I casted wobbler behind the ruin and started rowing to try trolling on the way to the next place. The brake of the reel began to sign immediately and I was thinking that I got stuck as the resistance did not moved, after few seconds I felt slow pull and my heart almost stopped, it had to be a good fish. When I saw decent zander with the wobbler in the mouth after few minutes, I imagined nice steaks, and fish probably sensed the danger and made quick swipe to side and it was gone … At the next ruin I found a slope falling from 2 to 5 metres. I let a big rubber bait sinking along the slope and when it stopped, I struck and after few minutes another zander was finally in the net. I put it to the keep-net and rowed to next place. But the cord was probably rotten and the fish ran away with the net, hope it was able to escape … I decided not to chance my luck more an went home …