New season is coming, Vltava 24 scores

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pf-2018-mh-eng Dear fly fishing friends, first of all, I wish you Happy New Year full of love, happiness, contentment and, of course, fishing. From the upcoming year 2018, I will cooperate on all activities connected with fly fishing with Patrik Jedlička under one brand Patrik Jedlička is my friend, great fly-fisherman and owner of the luxury hotel Annín at Otava river. If you would like to visit us, let me know and we can arrange details.

January 1st – first trip of the year to Vltava 24

p1320833 Mild weather on 1st of January was simply irresistible, so I called Tobi after lunch weather he had already bought fishing permit for the Vltava 24 and if he was already sobering. Answers was “YES, of course, Im just packing my gear” ….. and we met at the bridge in Boršov with Šindy in 15 minutes. After the windy morning, the west wind calmed down and sun was peeking out of the clouds, it was about 8 degrees above zero, simply ideal conditions for the winter fishing. p1320844 In 1,5 hour, we hooked nice 11 rainbows of size 45-55 cm, a few barbel and coarse fish, not a bad start of the season, what do you thing? I saw also few hatching olives and midges and also a rainbow rising. Do you know another water in the Czech Republic where you can catch fish such quality in January? As the new year, so throughout the year :-)

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