The celebration of the end of the year 2018 and of the beginning of 2019 took place on Vltava 24, as the New Year, so throughout the year

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p1370956 Mild weather enabled us to enjoy another two superb days fishing in Vltava 24. On the New Year’s Eve we met with Franta Hanák, Franta Tobiáš and Honza Vender at the railway bridge. Flow was a little higher but water was relatively clear, Franta Hanák decided to try to catch a pike, rest of the group focused on nymphing. We caught 8 rainbows between us and Franta finished the day by a decent pike. The great day and also the great year we finished in the local pub in Včelná by a great lunch.

p1370980 On the New Year afternoon I picked up Tobi, he had just sobered after the party, he made me coffee and lunch and at about 14:00 we were at Vltava river in Boršov. Water flow was a little higher comparing yesterday and water was also slightly muddy, as there was a rain during the night. When we were preparing rods, we saw a rising fish just in front of us. Tobi immediately covered it by first cast and got it by an olive emerger. To be honest, we really did not await that we could catch the first fish of the new year by a dry fly. Another rising fish he got on the blob :-)
p1370970 To be short, in two hours we hooked 21 rainbows of size 40 – 60 cm, no more words are needed, simply superb day. Most fish we caught on the orange blob, this is always a great pattern in this water in winter. After fishing, we noticed that the local pub in the camp ”Poslední štace” owned by our friend and fisherman Honza Čerkl is open, so we finished the great day by the delicious lentil soup and goulash. Keep it up!!!

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