Slovakia, River Hron

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p1400965 I was invited to present results of my project at a symposium aimed on migration of fish and fish passes which was held in Slovakia, Banská Bystrica, town located on the river Hron …..  More over, my friend Martin Rybar,  head of the local River Authority, was leading the seminary and I helped him with its organisation. Martin lives in a smaller town on the bank of the River Hron about 15 km upstream from Banská Bystrica and he always wanted to invited me to his home water spring in the beautiful Lower Tatra Mountains.

I packed all necessary things and “surprisingly” also fly fishing equipment, I had two presentations, so I had to balance it by two days of fishing :-)

River Hron is one of the last river with a rich population of grayling based on the natural reproduction, and it hosts also other fish species like brown trout, chub, and mainly the famous Danube Salmon. Another friend Milan Bula, local fisheries manager, helped me to arrange licences and shoved me best places to fish and also offered some of his favourite patterns. We were fishing twice for about three hours, and I caught dozens smaller graylings of size 22-27 cm, but also fish in size 35-38 cm and one fish of about 43 cm. The bigger fish had beautiful golden colour with purple spot on the body side, and they were very strong. I was fishing Hanák Superligh rod size 2 and fluorocarbon tippet of 0,10 mm. Best fly was for me our orange tag with the silver tungsten bead size 18.

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