Ice windsurfing, a little dangerous sport

Únor 18, 2023 - 9:43 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

img_20230208_164424 I have been  always irritated by the frozen surface of Lipno, when there was a layer of snow on the ice, it was impossible to skate and the wind was blowing. And winter windsurfing pause is so long …

So I constructed with my friend Jonáš (builder of boats) special windsurf for ice, the board is made from glass composite and it is equipped by par of old skis for ski jumpers, which I got from Ski-jumpers-museum in Harrachov  :-)

Lipno Lake froze with flat clear ice in the beginning of February, my back was already OK, so I could not resist to try it. I put on it my 6 m2 windsurfing sail and I went to the lake. Testing was successful and the snow surf was really fast and relatively stabile, however, it slipped when the weight was not well balanced because it has no blades or steel edges, and a layer of snow of 5-10 cm on ice would be ideal. Second day I tested different position of sail, and when I was trying to turn downwind in relatively slow speed (sailors call it “gybe” ) I got a skid, fell to ice and I pinched bon in my left forearm … so it was end of ice windsurfing for this season and I hope it will recover quickly :-(

To be honest, I was relatively lucky, the injury doesn’t look bad, another keen sportsmen used skates and wing, fell into a crack in the ice in high speed and had a concussion, a broken leg and collarbone… ice is harder than water :-)  So I refrigerate it and ice it and it will be good.



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