Czech Nymph Cup, Mill Pond Jitkov

Duben 16, 2023 - 11:41 am Komentáře nejsou povoleny

img_20230415_100217 Fishing club Chotěboř where Jiří Pejchar is member has rented smaller pond for trout fishing since last season, and he organised first competitions there this year, I decided to go there to see new fly-fishing location. As there were clear water and over-wintered fish in the lake, we all hoped for fine nymphing techniques and dry fly fishing. But whole day rain the day before the competition changed totally conditions and water was dirty and upper part of pond was almost similar to river. I finished in 9th place, which is not bad, but considering the fact, that I was leading after three rounds and blanked in the last one, I was a little sad, winner of the first year is only one forever :-) Majority of fish I caught on Candy Booby fished on DI5 line, I used two similar flies tied 1 and 2 metres from the end of the line to cover more depths.

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