The dark side of the fly-fishing :-)

Srpen 24, 2023 - 9:58 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

p1070273 After few visits of smaller streams, I was missing a bigger river and visited Vltava 24 and Vltava 28. One afternoon I met my friend Petr on Vltava 24. Water was low and clear, my aim was to try fishing for pike or zander with wobblers and I had not a single take in two hours while Peter caught over 10 rainbows on nymphs. My aim was also to try fishing in river with new egg flies, which we frequently use in still-waters nowadays, and which I call “The dark side of the fly fishing” :-) And it works ….

p1070319 Next day I went to Vltava 28 to my favourite meander under Rožmberk, I caught about 30 fish on nymph or dry dropper, the most abundant was surprisingly roach, but I caught all riverine species including nice rainbow. The highlight of the day was the grass snake that passed me, some of my friends would probably go crazy. And “the dark side” works also for chub and roach ….

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