Denmark 2024

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p1080355 My fly fishing friends invited me for a short trip to Denmark, I needed to rest so I agreed, our goal was to explore the southwest of the island of Fyn. There had been several groups from the Czech Republic before us, the fishing was good in March, while at the beginning of April it was very difficult. But it was getting warmer, so we were looking forward to it. The trip went perfectly, the crew and the food were great, and in 4 days we caught over 50 trouts and two were over 60 cm, most were around 40 cm.
p1080282 People ask me about any secrets how to succeed, equipment etc. I think it is not too complicated, success is based on luck and also on own activity, if 4 people come to a spot and they have no a take in 30 minutes, it’s time to move. I prefer to fish in deeper places with plenty of plants and also always in windward side and in waves. I fish with the special Hanák Competition See Trout rod, I still have two first prototypes, they are strong for long casting, but have a fine sensitive tip.
I use exclusively Airflo 40+ fast intermediate line, 5 m long tippet from 0.28 mm flurocarbon  and two flies, as a dropper I have my Danish olive and as the point fly my version of Ullsock. This year we also caught something on a shrimp. I won’t publish the exact places where we caught fish, those who know them will recognize the pictures, those who don’t know them have to find them themselves :-)
p1080345 I greatly appreciate the work of our Danish colleagues connected with the stocking of trout and also their protection agains predators and monitoring, if you want to maintain long-term quality fishing, I would not be afraid to increase the price of licenses and also to increase the size limit to 50 cm. A sad surprise was the complete destruction of the nice spot on the south coast of the Helnaes peninsula caused by a huge storm, hopefully the seabed and seaweed will recover soon.

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