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Vltava 29 Trophy-part

Září 11, 2012 - 8:28 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

p1020340 I spent two weeks of holiday at Lipno lake with my family and I also managed some fishing. I visited twice trophy stretch at Vltava 29 under dam of Lipno. During second visit I was accompanied by Bruno, who got permit as the birthday present. I have to say that Bruno is already good flyfisherman. Fishing was not easy due to warmer water and due to the weed, which was two times more extensive comparing situation in June. But we caught fish in every suitable place, also some nice fish, our catch included perch (Bruno caught only perch during first hour :-) , rainbow, roach, brook trout and brown trout. Bruno lost one big brown under weed, he had had no experience with this conditions. After strike you can not give to fish any centimetre :-). The best fly was pheasant tail nymph with pink bead, in the afternoon worked also the dry fly. Fish were not actively rising, but they could not resist bigger sedges and emergers. Bigger fish we found in the deep under weed and it was question of right casting technique to get nymph to this zone without snagging in weed.