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Denmark 2016 with Ondra and Aleš

Květen 13, 2016 - 10:32 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

p1230566 I visited Denmark with Ondra and Aleš in the end of March, what to say, great few days with great friends fishing in nice nature, a lot of fun, great cuisine including pheasant on the vegetables and red wine :-) , thousands of casts and nice fish. Hope will be back in October.

Winter and early spring in trophy water Vltava 24

Květen 13, 2016 - 10:24 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

p1230950 Our trophy fishery Vltava 24 is open whole year around, we go there always on the January 1st to catch and release first fish. Also this year was winter not so cold and I visited this water few times, below are few pictures from winter and early spring fishing. In winter was successful method nymphing, but after we stocked first fresh fish in March, I used mainly streamers. Pink or yellow one on the dropper and black one on the point. Leader HC 0,22. The new rainbows had been probably hybridised with barbel as they were fighting strongly and staying at the bottom and the were not jumping :-) I was tired after few fish like after marathon :-)

p1230840 We had also one sad situation, I was going to check whether is already spawning nase under the upper weir and found out, that there was no water flowing over the weir because of a mistake of the regulation of the power-plant and there was about 1000 fish flipping about in the empty riverbed, I rescued over 850 fish but about 300 died. Owner of the power plant promised to repair it and also to pay restocking of this interesting riverine fish. Hope it will never happen again.



Start of the season 2013

Duben 29, 2013 - 6:24 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

potocak The fishing started slowly comparing with last season due to longer winter, it is similar probably in the whole Europe. I spent the opening day April 16th with friends at Květoňov lake, we were there just before the 6 a.m. The nice mild weather and the dawn on the eastern sky welcomed about 50 fishermen, all banks were occupied like during competitions and on the water surface was traffic of boats and belly boats.  Fish were taking from really first casts, everybody was satisfied and everybody caught a good fish, the biggest trout was caught by Franta Hanak (as usually :-)) The best line was Di3 or fast glass and the best flies were lures or boobies in light colours, surprisingly the  black/green combination was not good. I caught majority of fish on yellow lure with silver bead. They were also caught come big pikes, but majority of pikes were parading along the banks without any interest in our flies as they were preparing for spawning. I saw one crocodile of the length about 1,3 m followed by two smaller males.
I returned after few days, weather was very warm but light breeze promised nice fishing. After few missed takes we found that fish search more for natural food as there occurred an occasional hatch of lake olives and olive buzzers. And probably all of them had been already caught by a lure. I caught about 10 fish (both rainbow and brook trout) on black and olive buzzers, the best method was to pull flies on hover or slow glass line and change speed of retrieve, the take usually came during the speed-up. So it was nice afternoon and good practice for England, to which we are flying in the end of April.

I also visited the trophy fishery Vltava 24, we stocked again really good fish and the icing on the cake is brown trout in weight 3-4 kg. As the flow in river is still high, the best method is streamer, I caught majority of fish on pink or white combinations. The first rises of olives and sedges hopefully attract fish to surface, I saw some occasionally rising fish, but I was to lazy to change rod and I caught two of them on nymph. I took one rainbow home and he had in stomach buds of trees, so it was probably the reason why he was rising. Lets tie the brown/green buds :-) . I also found nest of kingfisher.

I got the hot message that the Czech republic was approved by the Congress of FIPS MOUCHE to organise The World Fly Fishing Championship 2014, so if you would like to see top fishermen in water, come in May 2014 to South Bohemia. The schedule of the championship will be similar like the EFFC 2011, if you are interested find the link on the main page.


Cold Warm Vltava river with Honza

Březen 6, 2013 - 11:22 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

p1040972 After almost three months of overcast sky (it was the record period of lowest sun shine in memory in Czech), we had have first few nice sunny days which promised incoming spring. I was skiing with kids during weekend and I watched the blue sky through the windows in my office and through the pictures from weekend fishing from my friends. Yesterday I decided to a little refresh my working enthusiasms and I arranged one day fishing for Wednesday. We met with Honza in Volary at 10am and we headed to the stretch of the Warm Vltava which is open for fishing all year around. The weather and nature were so nice that it would had been a great day without any catch. I also looked forward to test my new rod which I bought from one competitor, the specially extended SAGE SLT 9´00´´ for line  3, which is great for all kinds of fishing and mainly the french-nymph style.

The water was still low and clear although the afternoon temperatures has reached 10°C during last two days as in the night, there is still frost and snow in mountains is still not melting. We started fishing at about 11, I caught couple of grayling in the first pool by almost the very first cast, but beginning of fishing was slow. We were enjoying nice countryside and admired work of beavers and we were trying to localise fish.

The hatch of black stone-fly enhanced activity of fish after lunch and we found, that active fish are not in deep holes but in relatively shallow parts with slowly flowing water, usually in the end of pool above rifles. Best flies were jigs with dark body and pink or coper head, the olive one was also good. We caught over 30 fish between us, fifty fifty grayling and brown trout, I also got two small rainbows. Five graylings were in size 35+ and also few browns was over 30, so it was great day.

Journey back to the car in the warm afternoon sunbath was a little demanding as we had to go through the deep snow. We missed a few military bunkers which were built before the Second World War to face Nazis, finally not any shot was fired from the bunkers and only angling weapons can be seen here nowadays :-)

Autumnal experience from Vltava 24

Leden 16, 2013 - 10:58 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

decent rainbow on pink streamer I visited our trophy fishery only few times during autumn but I have to say that it was very instructive. The rainbows which we stocked in the end of September were simply strange. They started to take gradually and some days they took nymphs, but  they generally preferred streamers. Dry fly-fishing with autumnal olives which had been eagerly awaited was very poor as the fish simply did not rise. I made few similar experiences, that I fished same stretch repeatedly with different flies and I always caught another fish. Once I started with nymphs and finished with streamer, another day I tried team of orange blob and black streamer in one big pool and get three nice fish, and next I immediately returned back to the mouth of the pool and after 20 minutes I get in the same place another two fish on pink and white streamer. Fishing with streamer in relatively low flow needs some specialities, the best line is sink-tip. I have storage of floating lines from my participation in Lexus Competitions in UK, so I made sink tip line connecting floating line and 8 metres long piece of older DI5 line, I used the end of belly and part of running line which were not damaged.  Big surprise was numerous catch of nice barbel, some people focused on this hard fighting fish. And similarly like during previous seasons, after relatively poor late October and beginning of November,  the last two weeks in November were excellent and it was possible to catch really big older rainbows, in fact it was possible only to hook them as the chance to land this strength fish is low. I finished the season on Thursday 29th November with 5 fish in one and half hour, the last one received an invitation to dinner at my home and we can look forward to 16th April.

Štilec pond – first fishing trip this year

Březen 9, 2012 - 9:50 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

pike I was a little dreaming at the computer on Friday after lunch and watching nice sunny day behind windows and at 14:30 called me my friend Tobi, that “he is at a pond close to České Budějovice, ice is away and rainbows stocked for ice-fishing in January are hungry”.



14:31  - I left my office followed by smiles of my colleagues and I was running to the car

14:40-14:50 – by the way home I jumped the lights twice

14:50-14:55 – packing was quick, I found new big lake fly-fishing bag under Christmas three and everything was already inside, I only had to find appropriate rod, I chose Sage Z-axis size 5

15:05 – I´m in the shop, the shop assistant was surprised, that I would like to buy fishing permit in March, she could not find it and it took 15 very precious minutes

15:30 – I´m parking at the pond, Tobi is just playing fish and another friend Pusťa is already there, Tobi is fishing hover-line, he has already caught 12 fish and missed appropriately the same number, Pusťa has been there for 10 minutes, uses fast glass line and has had no take. I´m making leader and competition can start, I use floating line and team of two black tadpoles with one white in the middle of the cast.

Tobi opens the score immediately and Pusťa misses few takes, but he is finally catching fish, Tobi adds second fish and I have firstly very shy pull and next comes first solid take this year and it is real orgasms, fish is on the hook. Second fish is nice pike and with another trout I´m levelling the score to 3:3:3. ….

Final score was 9:7:7  for Tobi, he had to leave at 16:30 as he had to go to swimming pool with kids. We continued fishing till the sunset,  in total I caught 10 rainbows (size was 30-37 cm) and two pikes, Pusťa had similar result without pikes. Tobi had altogether over 20 rainbows and also one brook trout.

The high point of the great afternoon was one of the rainbows baked on the bacon and cold Pilsner beer at TV and victory of our ice-hockey team in quarter-final of play-off.