Vltava in late summer

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potočákI had to check our rivers before our Worksop as I´m  leaving for ECH where I has been invited to help to Dutch team as guide.
Vltava above Lipno is low due to the lack of rain, and full of threes and sticks after May flood and summer storms, but above Soumarský bridge is a lot of fish, I was there one afternoon and in every suitable deeper place in a current was a fish, either brown trout, dace or grayling. In the evening I saw big otter hunting in a pool, but I disturbed it when I was trying to take camera from my pocket. Two minutes later, graylings started rising in the same place,  I caught 4 nice fish 35-38 cm in 5 minutes although I had been fishing there with nymphs one hour ago and caught only two smaller fish…

Next I visited Vltava 28, I met there Dan Svrček, he spends holiday at Lipno lake with his family every year in the end of August and we always meet in river. Whole morning was heavy rain, so I have only picture of nice brown above, we caught a lot of fish of size 15-35 cm. Fish were only in currents, in deeper pools I had no take, best fly was GH red tag.
We also stocked new fish to Vltava 24, but they need some time to adapt, moreover water is low and clear. I was there last Friday and I caught only two stockies on jig-blob in three hours, so I decided to go to a pub for dinner and to try evening hatch. I caught massive hatch of big gray olives, I guess it was Oligoneurila, and older fish could not resist, I got six nice fish before dark in place, where all canoeists get off boats and where 20 people had been fishing  that day. It is simple cream of fly fishing to see rising fish, cast, observe drifting fly to the right place, see the dolphin, wait the horrible long two seconds, strike, feel the fish and see the fish jumping ….

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