Camp with Aussies

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whole group I was asked by my friend Steward to organise camp for Australian team before the World championship, Steward is Scotsman living in Czech and captain of the Australian teem Geoff is his very good friend. I organised everything with manager Peter and asked for help Jiří, who get briskly nick Skippy. We had base in hotel Romantic in Rožmberk, which is always the best choice for fishermen with great service.  We had relatively wrong weather, as every day was rainy and cold, but on the other hand, we could practice fishing in a dirty water, which was very useful during competition, and we had enough time for tying and resting. The only disadvantage is that I have not many pictures.

Team arrived two weeks before the championship and we utilised early departure and started practice in practice parts of Devil Stones and Vltava 28, fishing was good despite of rain and fish were active and they were raising whole day and our new mates were catching fish from the beginning. We also visited Malče lake and we were there first after stocking, so everybody could test quality of leaders. Mark fell in love with chicken Schnitzel and Petr with pork in any form.

It is always nice to fish with good anglers, who speak at least a little English and who are able to learn :-) Jiří made competition nymphing leaders for everybody, we were teaching how to learn water, where to look for fish and how to get them. We also practised wet fly, dry fly and streamer. Evenings were aimed on fly tying. Peter and Geoff helped me with stocking of fish for practice sessions in Vltava river, we always use raft to spread fish along the river. In heavy rain and 5°C was very appreciated.

We were invited to Welcome party with Czech team and friends from Chile and Japan at Rožmberk castle garden, it is not necessary to comment it, I took also some pictures from facebook. On menu was: different grilled sausages, grilled pork steak, tartar with  toasts and garlic, pickles and beer, wine, slivovice, whiskey … some people tasted everything and I was surprised, that there were fishing from early morning next day.

The weather was getting better in the end of week , water was purifying and we finished practice in Vltava 27,  fishing was fantastic, we caught many fish species. However, under increasing pressure from incoming teams was harder to find sheltered place.

It was for me last relax before the championship and thanks for this opportunity. I hope that we contributed on the good result of team during the championship, 13th place for team leaving behind good European teams and 18th place for Luke in hard concurrence of 28 teams and 148 individuals was good, next time you would be in top ten :-)

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