CNFW autumn 2014

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P1140381The autumnal workshop was again unforgettable. My friend Ben brought 9 of his friends from England and the English, we again welcomed our old friends Chandra and Robert Brown. Rudi again attended with his Germany – Switzerland group and gang was completed by two Scandinavian fishermen, our friend Kai from Finland and newcomer Alex who qualified to Team Sweden and would like to  learn as much as possible from the top world anglers. The team of guides was again perfect, we welcomed Pavel Chyba, recent World Champion, Roman Heimlich, recent European Champion, and as usually the team was created also by Michal, Jiří, Karel and me. We helped a little with transport of our attendants from Prague and at 18:00 on Wednesday September 17th was Karel´s shop open and keg of Budweiser beer was chilled. We had five guides, five groups and five days, so everybody has possibility to fish with all guides.

p1140358 First day we had as usually demonstration of techniques in front of the hotel and after the lunch in Rybářská bašta we spread along the Vltava 27 which was full of brownies, stocked rainbows and coarse fish. I was fishing with Chandra and Rob, they still compete to each other :-)

p1140486 The schedule of the course was a little adapted this autumn as majority of attendants took part in the local competition Rožmberský cup on Saturday and rest of people was this day fishing the trophy part in Vltava 29. So we spent first two days practising fishing in Vltava river despite of higher flow. I hope it was useful for everybody, we caught some fish and were also practising reading of water and movement in the current. On Friday I had to bring another keg of beer :-) ….

Competition was nice and after my third place last year we again gained a trophy as Roman won this year. Everybody enjoyed it, where you have possibility to be controller of the top world anglers and watch them during competition in their home water? It was useful also for me as I was controlling Roman in the last round and I saw how much fish I left in water (we have system, that everybody judges next round in the same peg when he has just fishing) , I caught 13 fish and Roman after me 28 …. Everybody was talking about his day till night and on Sunday I have to go for another keg :-)

p1140519 On Monday morning I took Ben, Andy, Alex and Kai to Warm Vltava. Water was higher after rain but fishable, Ben caught first grayling on very first cast. Fishing was not easy, but later in the afternoon some fish were rising. We enjoyed nice day in pure nature, however we had to finish a little earlier due to the coming storm.  Before the end of fishing Alex asked me how to fish with nymphs in concrete conditions in mouth of a pool and I presented how to cast and lead nymphs on the edge between main stream and backwater … and fish was on :-) and next I shoved how to cast to the backwater and change a little angle of leader to get flies down and … fish was on :-) guide most be sometimes lucky and most have good friends under the surface of river :-) In the evening we visited Český Krumlov and we had dinner in the Gipsy pub.

p1140587 Last day I returned to Warm Vltava with German-Switzerland group, i took them higher as water was there more clear. Bernd had never fish with nymphs our style and have never caught grayling. I made for him classical say “hard core” Czech nymph set-up. To the end of floating line I  attached 150 cm of mono 0,12 mm and 50 cm from end I made one dropper. I used two of my favourite nymphs and shoved to Bernd, how to cast to a nice pool and how to lead nymphs. On the second cast the end of line disappeared under surface and on the hook was first nice trout. Bernd took the rod and after one minute he caught another one. “So Bernd” I said ” you know how to do it, in this pool could be another 15 fish, so you have 1 hour to clean it” and I moved upstream to find Andreas. We enjoyed fishing and when we returned back to car for lunch, Bernd was smiling from ear to ear as he got there ten fish including his first grayling. In the afternoon we caught also few fish on dry, so it was nice day. On the way to hotel I shoved to my friends my favourite viewpoint at Lipno lake and a shortcut from Frymburk to Rožmberk, which is even longer, but worse road :-)

On Wednesday morning Jiří helped with transport of whole group to Prague and I took Ben and Andy to raft and we marked pegs for Hanák Open competition, Ben and Andy attended the competition, but it is another story coming soon :-) I hope that everybody enjoyed the week and I´m looking forward to next year.

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