Vltava 24, not only rainbows takes in autumn

Prosinec 18, 2016 - 9:44 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

stika1 Not only rainbows are in our trophy water, strict rules and less fishing pressure enable to grow up also other fish species. One day in December I was there with big streamers with Honza. I found one nice fish from railway bridge and I was navigating Honza during casting and moving of fly (it is not correct to call this 25 cm long monster as fly), he caught the pike on the very first cast, it was clear, that it would be a highlight of the New Year Eve, I cooked it with vegetables, lemon and on the white wine :-) I was not so successful, few pikes of similar size only followed my flies. We saw one pike which looked like three, I estimated size of 120 cm. I caught only one barbel under wing :-) My line was to heavy, I should shorten sinking head to about 4 m. Another day , Honza caught pike of 95 cm, another crocodile, how many rainbows it eats a day ?:-)

Tobi goes there sometimes also with spinning rod, it is true, that it is sometimes better than to stay in the ice cold water. One afternoon he caught there 17 fish including nice pike, chub, rainbow and also perch. I have to try it next year.

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