June Workshop

Červen 20, 2017 - 9:25 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

cnfw2017-1 We had spring Workshop with Roman Heimlich and Jiří Pejchar in June. We hosted 8 of our old friends from Belgium, 2 old friends from Switzerland, and 3 competitors from England and 2 from Latvia practising before the European Championships which we are hosting next year. We had workshop in the new place, Penzion Herbertov, it has great location, but some of our guests were not fully satisfied with the room services and some other facilities, we have to work on it for next year. We had also limited time for fly tying lessons, but it is always difficult in June, as we finish evening fishing in 10 pm. Maybe we can make lunch fly tying breaks next time in June. I destroyed my camera just before the workshop so I was taking pictures only by my mobile phone, so the quality of pictures is not so great as usually.

There was held the elimination for Czech teams in the same time, which was on one hand great opportunity to see the best anglers in action, but on the other hand it a little limited our access to rivers and also induced higher fishing pressure as all of competitors were practising before the match. English and Latvian guys utilised opportunity to join competition as judges and to be at competitors as close as possible and to have chance to watch all details, hope it will be useful for them next year.

But fishing was again excellent, mainly evening dry fly fishing was great and we caught a lot of trout, as usually, I arranged some stocking, but the biggest surprise was the quality of brown trout. I stopped stocking of fingerlings and we can immediately see, that less competition results in bigger size of fish. We visited Upper Warm Vltava above Lipno reservoir, Malše river, Černá river, Devil stones, but the best fishing was in the big Vltava just around the hotel. We were fishing from early morning till darkness. Fish were rising whole day around, so we had great opportunity to use both nymphs or dries. Important attention we paid also to the wet-fly technique.

We will take seriously all the feedbacks and I hope that we will create in the new place our new home for our workshops and other fly fishing events.


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