Scotland in May

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mhskotsko_-5 I was in Scotland for work, but surprisingly I connected my business trip with some fishing. I was staying in a small village called Auldearn close to Inverness in lovely hotel Covenanters Inn, so I looked for some lochs in the surrounding area. First day I made short rip to mountains eastwards from Auldern and next I planned fishing Lochindorb located just under the hills. I was observing two guys in boat fishing gradually all areas of the lake during my mountains trip, and where I reached the lake later in the afternoon, they were just starting drift in the tributary area of the lake from upwind bank, which is a little unusual. They both immediately caught some bigger fish, so I went to ask, what was happening. “We are fishing for pike, trouts don´t take today, it is to bright”. I looked to my fly box and found few big Cat whiskers lures with orange bead, moved to the tributary area which was full of weed and I tried to cast to a window between plants. Very first cast, and I saw big wave and a fish was on :-)  I had 7 pikes on hook, but I get only 3 as I had no wire and I had only 4 cat lures :-)

Next two days I payed attention to trouts, at first I visited Loch Ruthven, I rent boat from the fly fishing shop in Inverness, and I caught many nice browns mainly on wets (Claret Bumble, Claret Cruncher). As it was again nice warm sunny day, I did not miss opportunity to climb a hill above the lake to make few pictures and next also to swim in a lake. Last day I made another mountain trip to Loch ma Stac, I was walking from parking place for one and half hour and I did not meet any soul, when I came to the lake, I saw hatching black olives and rising trouts :-) I get about 30 fish both on dries (Black Hopper) or nymph (Black Cruncher). What a nice project :-)


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