Rožmberský cup

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p1310875 I took part at our traditional and very prestigious competition on Vltava river under Rožmberk called Rožmberský cup”. It is organised by our club, so I always help with organisation, I usually count results and this year I also helped to mark pegs. Two hours of crawling through the bushes was good practice for competition. Competition hosted 40 competitors including members of the Czech A Team, which gained 2nd place at last World Championship held in Slovakia two weeks ago. Competition is composed by 6 rounds of 75 minutes, everybody fish 3 rounds and judges 3 rounds.

p1310853 p1310863  I was practising on Vltava with Jiří Pejchar two weeks ago, but I have not enough time as it was windy on Lipno lake so I only confirmed to myself, that my flies were working, and quickly moved to windsurfing. Windsurfing is just now my favourite hobby, so if there are suitable conditions, I have to go. And it was big day, I was planning for four hours and finally I was totally exhausted. The picture is nice that I´m drying both fly fishing and windsurfing gear, so it had to be a great day :-)


During competition, there was rain whole day long, so I made no a single picture. I was fishing in first group, I caught  in the first round 19 fish, in the second 18 and in the last one 11 fish, mainly dace, chub, roach and brown trout. I was fishing mainly with 18 size nymphs and also with dries, leader 0,10 mm Hanak competition fluorocarbon. I finished in the 7th place just behind members of the Czech Team, which was not a bad result. Nice day with friendly people in the great place.


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