Warm Vltava at Dobrá with Honza

Září 18, 2017 - 9:54 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

p1310673 We decided to check our favourite river in the end of August, whether the graylings are already active. We caught many coarse fish, mainly bleak, roach, dace, also perch. But we caught also few nice graylings mainly on nymph. In a nice place, I noticed four good graylings staying along an edge about 2 meters downstream from me. So i sent them my favourite nymphs and … nothing happened. p1310732 So I changed flies and … again nothing. I tested about 10 patterns and also dries, but I could see not any interest. As the last chance, I took from my fly box a pink squirmy worm, when it fell to water, all graylings became nervous, but, out of the blue, appeared a perch and took the worm just in front of the nose of the first grayling…. The faith disturbed the graylings and they moved away.  On the way back to car I saw couple of deer, found some mushrooms, and we also did not forget to go for dinner to the restaurant “U Grobiána” in Lenora. Simply perfect afternoon.

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