2 hours at Vltava 24

Říjen 24, 2017 - 5:31 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

p1320580 I was tying some big pike streamers yesterday evening (the best one will be definitely combination black and fluogreen with orange blob on tail :-) so i could not resist to test them today after work. I took also nymphing rod to catch a rainbow for dinner. Weather was nice, nobody was at river, but fish did not cooperate well. On nymph, I caught only a few monster dace and roach, not any take from rainbow. With big streamers I explored all suitable pools and windows at banks, but I recorded not any interest, I did not even see a pike, but finally, like Jakub Vágner, I caught one smaller pike by the very very last cast, however, it was not like Jakub, he always catches on the very last cast a monster fish :-) p1320582

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