Back in Vltava 24 after almost 6 weeks

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p1270493 The Lipno Reservoir was almost full after Christmas and in the mountains, there was almost 2 m of snow, so the Vltava River Authority decided to release water from the reservoir and make enough space for the spring melting. The discharge from the lake had been 20 m3/s for the last 4 weeks, which resulted in the value of over 30 m3/s in the Vltava 24 in Boršov, although the weather was relatively mild during the last weeks, the flow in the Vltava river was too high for fishing. So I paid attention to finish some work, to preparation of the European Championship and also to tying flies. Till last Friday ….

On Friday, the discharge from the reservoir was decreased to 10 m3/s and the weather forecast promised for the weekend sunny and temperatures above zero  …

p1330490 On Saturday morning, I watched the phenomenal performance by Ester Ledecká during the Winter Olympics (I was windsurfing with her in the same bay in Greece last summer :-) ) and next I got two very similar messages from Tobi and Honza, who also noticed the drop of the discharge. We settled the meeting  in the camp at 13:30. I was there 13:00, Tobi 13:05 and Honza 13:10 :-) . We always compete and who is the first in the water has always an advantage :-)

The river looked great, only the cold front coming from the north partly covered sky by clouds, so the temperature stayed under the zero for the whole afternoon. I was going upstream from the camp with Tobi, Honza decided to go a little bit downstream. I was fishing with blob in the point and nymph on the dropper, same Tobi. I found a suitable place in the first pool, and during the third cast I saw visible hit to the line, I struck, and I was missing the point fly, probably a monster fish. I took another blob from my fly box, and after a few casts I had the second take, and on the blob was another fish with the first blob in its tail. So the story about the big fish was away, but the decent rainbow in the net warmed my frozen fingers and the first blob returned to the box. Next strike I got a few casts later, and it was a silver full finned rainbow over 60 cm, we were observing each other eye to eye for a few moments, I saw the blob in the corner of its mouth, and I imagined great fillets, the fish understood what I was thinking about, and ran upstream, took all my leader, nymphing line, a few metres of backing and smashed my leader over a stone. So I went to the bank to make a new leader and let Tobi the hot spot. He had another three takes and 2 fish in my hand. Great start of the day.
p1330504 Next we moved downstream to the next pool and we caught there another 7 fish between us. While we were having a break on the bank in a short sunny period to thaw frozen reels, rods and leaders, Jan Čerkl, owner of the local pub in the camp and keen fly-fisherman, brought us espresso and small beer. What a great service and a great life :-) . Honza had also few takes in the downstream part.

The best fly was orange blob jig as usually in this time of the year, but we got a few fish also on the “traditional” jigs like Orange tag and PTN. I was fishing extended Hanák Alpen nymph rod size 5, I started with 0,16 mm fluorocarbon, but I replaced it by 0,18 after losing the big fish.

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