CzechFlyFish team on Otava 6 Trophy part

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p1340175 From the year 2018, it has been opened the new trophy part in the Otava River between Čepice and Žichovice. Managers promise trophy rainbows and brook trout and maybe in the future also tiger fish. And also supporting of the brown trout and grayling populations. I noticed some discussion on Facebook about this step in the management of the fishery. This part of the river hosts relatively good populations of wild brown trout and grayling and the stocked fish can negatively affect their reproduction. It is not 100% sure that stocked fish will adapt to river conditions and that they will be able to pray on a native food, like insect or fish fry. According to my experience from Vltava 24, the stocked fish don´t significantly affect wild fish. In any case, wild fish also suffer from the high fishing pressure, which will be decreased by relatively expensive fishing permits. We will see.

p1340153 To have our own experience, our CzechFlyFish Team composed by Patrik, Honza and me decided to test the water. Weather was fantastic keeping in mind that there is still April, which should be cold, windy and rainy, and we burned our faces, necks and hands. The flow in the river was relatively high, but we are not out from sugar :-) During the day, we fished all the parts of the fishery, and we caught nice fish in all suitable places, rainbows from 1 kg to 4 kilograms,  brook trout up to 40 cm, and also many nice wild browns and graylings.

p1340083 And equipment? I like to fish with proper equipment.  For the streamer, I used  rod SAGE Z-Axis size 8, sinking line Airflo 40+ and Hanak Competition fluorocarbon 0,22 mm and team of Cat Whisker streamer on the dropper and black one in the point.  This setup enabled me quick recasting and covering all the water from bank to bank. When I hooked a fish, I kept the fish on its place for few seconds, next I made quick steps forward it, waited a little and next I lifted the fish to the surface and netted it. Rod never let the fish return back under the surface. I had few fish over 3 kg and I had all of them in the net in a minute.  In my opinion, this is the best way to play the big fish as it saves their energy and limits creation of the lactate in their muscles. I used Hanak streamer hooks size 6 so it was ease to unhook the fish and return them to water. For the nymphing, I used rod SAGE Z-Axis size 5 and tipped Hanak Competition 0,18 mm. It was not problem also for the wild fish and I get many graylings and browns and dropper, in the point I had jig blob, which was preferred by stockies, takes came mainly in the end of drift.

I thing, that it is not necessary comment the pictures :-)

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