South Bohemia Fly Fishing champiosnhip

Květen 21, 2018 - 9:22 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

p1340618 Last Sunday we organised annual South Bohemian Fly Fishing championship, under the very exciting name of the competition, it is hidden very friendly but very prestigious competition between anglers from four local fly fishing clubs. This year, we hosted 18 competitors, and I gained silver medal :-)

p1340614 I very much appreciate success in this competition as it took part in my favourite Vltava river and we have great rivalry among us.

And what was the best method? Nymphing with two jig flies (size 16, tipped 0,10 mm, 2 size rod), and dry fly.  It was caught 389 fish in total, most abundant were brown trout (150), chub (72) grayling (59) dace (58) and roach (41), it was caught also rainbow trout (2), brook trout (1), perch (3) and gudgeon (3). We had size limit 15 cm, but I guess that 60 % of fish was longer than 20 cm.

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