Camp for Fly Fishing Team Hungary

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csapat I was asked by my friend and member of the Fly Fishing Team Hungary to organise a short camp for members of the team. Hungary is not a real fly fishing country with very limited possibilities for fishing for trout, so they have a long way ahead to be competitive against other teams in the Europe. However, fly fishing is not only competing, but mainly enjoying staying in pure nature and the great possibility to establish friendships across borders and nations.

We found a date for an extended weekend in the end of May, the base was in the Hotel Růže in Rožmberk, the ideal location for trips to the surrounding rivers, Vltava 27, Vltava 28, Vltava 29 Devil Stones, and Malše. Team was composed by Zsigmond, Marton, Zoltan, Tibor and István, and his wife Maria, who was also translator and organiser (she works as translator and speaks Russian, Slovak, Hungarian, English). I really enjoyed three days of fishing with this friendly people and I hope it was helpful for them. We practised fishing in a big river, small river and also in the Devil stones, which always test the self-control of each fly fishermen. I was very lucky as the guide, fish cooperated and I always caught a fish in the first few casts during demonstration. We tested also equipment from Hanák Competiton mainly Superlight and Superb rods, hooks and fluocarbon leaders.

Zsigmond published the article about this trip, so if you would like to practise your Hungarian, there is link :-) (or you can use google translator :-)

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