Spring courses

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We organised spring masterclass by Luboš Roza in Hotel Annín. My old friends from Swizerland could not attend, so they come to Herbertov one week earlier and they spent there week of nice fishing, I joined them only for one day as I had to much work in my scientific projects.

Three guys, Kai, Keith and Ivan came few days before the masterclass to warm up, so I took them to Vltava river. We were staying in Hotel Růže in Rožmberk and we were fishing Devil stones, Vltava 28 and 27. Roman Heimlich also joined us for one day. More over, in the same weekend, the 1st Czech fly fishing league took part in the Vltava River, I helped with organisation of the event and my friends could observe our best fly fishermen during competition. Where do you have a chance to see more than 20 medallist from European and World Championships in action :-) ?

Next they moved to Otava River and Hotel Annín and on the way we don´t forgot to visit Vltava 34 in Šumava mountains. We caught natural brown trout and also few nice graylings, but raising graylings trained us this day :-)

Masterclass in Annín was in charge of Luboš and Patrik, I visited it only half a day, and according feedback which I got after course, everybody very enjoyed it despite of rainy weather. Super service in the hotel, nice wild mountain river, many fish, special trophy section stocked also by tiger fish (hybrid of brook trout and brown trout), willing guides, what else you need :-) As usually, many fish was caught, many flies was tied, many beers was drunk, hope to see you next year :-)

If somebody is interested, we are organising our annual workshop in Herbertov in the first week of September.


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