Youth World Fly Fishing Championship 2019, Herbertov

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wyffch-2019-logo-f1b We organised Youth Championship in August on Vltava River and I was asked by Team Spain to help during the practice week as a guide, it was real privilege for me, however, it was not easy to find time just before the championship as I was the head of the organisational committee together with Jiří Pejchar.

69029969_374935429866952_4100286912487489536_n It was great to spend the three days with a good bunch of young fishermen, their great coach Juan Vert and also dedicated parents, who often accompany the young competitors to the championships. All of them were experienced fishermen creating good team, which is always important in championship. My intention was to give them some important tips for the fishing in the individual sectors which differed by the morphology of the river bed and also by the fish stock, and also to help with tactic. We started in Devil stones, which is very specifics place mainly for competition, and we focused also on big river, on nymphing, dry fly and also streamer which was important in Sectors 4 and 5. We also visited my favourite river Vltava 34 in the National park to catch a grayling and also to relax. I hope my help was useful for them, they gained bronze medal in teams and silver and bronze medals in individuals, so they were the most successful team in the Championship.

68803038_2483666388343223_3061399839016222720_n And what was the championship in the view of the organiser? We are experienced from previous championships and we always pay important attention for preparation, so everything worked smooth, Jiří is great for all the social events including funny competition of coaches and all the ceremonies, I stay a little in background, we did not solved serious problems, FIPS Mouche team was also very helpful, we created good team together with other friends who helped during organisation, as sector judges or as controllers, and I hope that everybody enjoyed it.

69257542_392663841393314_7729876384637517824_n Competition was very tight till the very end, and the Czech team defended victory against USA winning the last session. Spain performed also well in the last session and finally gained the bronze medal. Team Poland lost medal in the last session, however, one medal went to this country as Szymon Koniecny proved his quality and defended the world title from the last year in the competition of individuals. Second and third place were finally in the hands of two guys from Spain, Sergio Heredero and Carlos Delgado Campos. Congratulation to all attendants for a great attitude to competition and fair play. In total, it was caught 2012 fish and the biggest fish was rainbow trout with total length of 574 mm. The change of management in our trout waters resulted in many catches of native brown trout in size 30 – 50 cm.

Below are links to reportage on Czech National TV and South Bohemian TV

And I found movie also from the year 2005 :-)




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