Vltava 24

Listopad 13, 2019 - 9:26 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

Autumnal colours are simply irresistible. Due to the early dusk, Vltava 24 located 15 minutes driving from my house is the best option for some short visits, I´m posting few pictures which has been taken during last two weeks, we have not big fish in the water just now, but if you catch about 10-15 hard-fighting rainbow trouts of about 40 cm and some brook trout in two hours, it is not bad for November :-)

I use rod SAGE Z-AXIS size 5, tippet 0,16  – 0,18 mm flurocarbon HC, and “nymhing” setup, point fly is a jig-blob (orange or pink) and on droppers I use different nymphs size 12 – 14.

I made some discoveries, we host new resident building his wooden winter house in one of the biggest pool :-) and I wonder what could bit of part of the tail of the rainbow, maybe otter?

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