December fishing

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A friend of mine asked me, what was the last fishing season. Why”was”? The season still is great :-) Recently, I´m a little ill, but during last two weekends I made some fishing trips.

Reconstruction of the dam of the Květoňov lake was finished, so the water level was going up and we decided to stock some trout to give fishermen a chance for few fishing days before the upcoming winter. We met there with friends and enjoyed nice sunny afternoon and wet our lines before we hide our lake gear to cupboard. Nowadays, lake is already frozen.

I visited also Vltava 33 above the Lipno Reservoir, I had only two hours in afternoon but I got about 15 grayling including few fish of 35 – 40 cm, I admired the extensive work of beavers, but one of them waited for me at the bank and slapped his tail for water, I had almost hard attack :-)

Vltava 24 works well and it is still possible to catch 10-15 rainbows and brooks of about 45 cm in two hours.

Honza focuses more for pike, Igor got this brown trout also in pike streamer, Franta visited Vltava 24 and caught a nice barbel and Michal went to Slovakia, River Hron, for huchen (Danube salmon), lucky boys, I got this four pictures :-) I hope that I will be OK next week and as the weather is still not too cold I believe for a fishing day before the end of the year.
michal-hucho   honza-pike
franta-parma   igor-potocak_0



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