Vltava 24 and Květoňov Lake in March

Březen 31, 2020 - 5:55 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

p1000216 Our government introduced some restriction concerning Coronavirus relatively in time, so we have not so dramatic course of the epidemic, they stopped all sport and culture events, closed schools and restaurants and majority of public services, they recommended to limit going to town, shopping and meeting to each other, and we have to wear veil in town, and also people are recommended to work from home if possible.

But fishing is not banned as outdoor activities do not increase the possibility of virus transmission and improve our immune system, of course :-) . So we regularly stock Květoňov Lake and Vltava River and I also sometimes find a space during my home office to go fishing :-) Fishing competitions has been also banned, so we have more time for practice.

In Vltava 24, we have recorded the best winter season in the  memory, the mild weather and lover discharge enabled to survive a lot of fish from last year, and this fish look for a native food. From the end of February, we can see a hatch of an insect every day, it started by stone-fly and just now we have hatch of large olives. And fresh stocked fish always prefer hatch of a blob :-) The blob is phenomenon, it works both in muddy and clear water, I have already caught many species on it, rainbow trout, brook trout, barbel, nase and chub :-) .
As we have stocked relatively big fish, I fish with my favourite Sage Z-Axis size 5 and use 0,18 mm tipped :-) For dry fly, I use 0,14 as the overwintered fish are up to 1 kg.

Květoňov Lake is also great, we have already stocked fish twice, I had also few nice days there, but I did not make a picture, so I borrowed two pictures from Facebook profiles of my friends.


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