Váh River, Revúca River, Slovakia

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I again visited Slovakia with kids and friends for one week summer holiday in June, we love hiking in the beautiful Slovak mountains, I can call Slovakia as “Land of flowers, butterflies and kind people”.

Michal was on business trip to monitor concurrence business with mineral water in Slovakia occasionally in the same time :-) , so we went to Revúca River together to wet our flies. Revúca is famous for great native grayling population, mainly in lower parts, so the target fish was grayling over 40 cm. We caught together about 50 fish and few fish was on the edge of 40 cm, majority was over 30 cm, the best fly was the traditional Czech nymph. Fish fought very strong, so the 3-size Hanák rods and 0,12 tippet were ideal. At about lunch time I moved to a hiking trip, but Michal continued fishing, his best humorous performance occurred in one nice pool upstream from the parking place, he was swimming a little through the pool at first, and after pouring water from his shoes he caught there grayling of 46 cm :-) .

Váh River was more difficult, first day during high discharge (86 cm in the profile Bešeňová) I visited spot where we caught 30 fish during Big River Race one year ago, I had not a single take, so I moved to a different place, another blank, and third blank I gained in my favourite place from last year. This is fishing :-) But on Saturday the discharge was decreased to 50 cm, I caught about 20 fish including nice brownies and hard fighting rainbows of 40-50 cm, I had to use tippet 0,16 mm as the fish smashed  thinner tippet already during the take. I was also keeping 50 cm loop of line under my finger during nymphing (like during salmon fishing) which gave me a little space to lift my rod and cushion the hard takes.

We returned in August for Big River Race, during practice days we enjoyed fishing, but during competition was our performance not so good comparing our victory two years ago. Nothing to do, we have to improve our skills for next year.

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