Opening of the season 2021 in Vltava 24

Leden 15, 2021 - 10:22 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

p1030840 Short thaw on Sunday January 3rd was irresistible and after lunch I went to Vltava 24 to open the season 2021. Water was low and clear, and I was surprised, that river was relatively busy, there was a fisherman in every good pool. I the camp I met Honza, owner of the camp, he was just finishing fishing, he caught two rainbows and one small pike on streamer, and he boasted to me that he caught on the first of January a nice rainbow of 60 cm in the most fished place in the middle of the camp :-)

I decided to move to the upper part of the fishery as there was nobody. I caught four fish in 20 minutes on a black streamer, what a great opening day, first fish was edible, but it was first fish of the year, so it had a lucky day :-) Next arrived Jirka, we were fishing pools under weir together, but without success. I decided to go home, and at my car I caught last fish. Jirka caught 6 fish and the last rainbow had 56 cm, so he invited him for dinner :-)

I wish all to have a better year than the past one, however fishermen are modest, if we can go fishing, everything is all right and we accept all restrictions :-)

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