Camp for Fly-fishing Team Hungary

Červenec 28, 2021 - 3:21 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

p1050475 I was asked by my friend Zsigmond Kovácz to organise small extended-weekend-course for the Hungarian Fly-fishing Team. I arranged fishing permits, accommodation and keg of beer and we met at the lodge at the Květoňov lake on Thursday afternoon. They were very lucky during journey as they were driving through a huge thunderstorm in Austria and a tornado destroyed few villages in the south-east part of our country on the same day, maybe it was the same storm. Except of the river fishing, the aim of the course was also to a little practise boat fishing because part of the group is going to fish the World Fly Fishing Championship to be held in Finland this August and there will be three boat venues.  The lake fishing was only about casting as the activity of trout was near zero because of the very hot weather, but I passed them some of my experience from fishing in the northern countries, flies, tactic, hope it will be useful. But river fishing was great despite a little muddy water after rains, we enjoyed both Vltava 28, mainly the evening hatch of sedge, and Vltava 29 Devil stones. It was great weekend with great friends. Hope they will succeed in the championship :-)



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