Vltava 27, wet fly session

Říjen 31, 2021 - 10:09 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

p1040038 I had free Sunday, weather was nice, so I decided to visit the Vltava River, my plan was to start a little downstream and next to go to Vyšší Brod for the afternoon hatch of olives. I passed Český Krumlov and stopped for a moment at the bridge, which creates border between the fisheries Vltava 26 and Vltava 27. Two fish rising just under the bridge pulled me from my car and after few minutes of observation I spotted another three rising rainbows, so I did no waiting for anything and run to the river. The first fish I caught on dry fly, it was rainbow of about 30 cm, but I found out, that fish were moving during rising, so it was difficult to localise them and to catch them with the dry fly. I decided to try wet fly, which I use mainly for fishing of rising rainbows (I observed similar behaviour also in Vltava 24, rainbows always move, sometimes you can thing, that there is rising five fish in the pool and it is only one). I made cats from three different March-brown-style wet flies size 14, I used tippet of 0,14 mm and covered first rising fish. The fish responded immediately and during playing of it, I saw another circle on the surface. I had great 30 minutes of fishing, I caught about 10 bows. Suddenly I saw another two fishermen next to me, one was upstream and the second one was downstream. Both were fishing with floaters and worms and they almost surrounded me, after first few seconds of surprise I realised, that I was fishing in the non-trout section of river where life baits are allowed.  I decided to move, firstly I don´t like so intimate society, and secondly, there was no more rising fish. When I sat to the car, I had call from Jaromír, who was fishing in Vyšší Brod, and he told me, that water discharge in river was increased and he is moving downstream to me. We met at another good spot, but I was not fishing anymore, the wet fly session satisfied me, so I was only observing Jaromír for a while, enjoyed a little sunbathing in the late autumnal sun and I went home.

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