Christmas time

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img_20211230_152829 We say, that weather was like on a swing. Few days frost, few days warmer, and finally, before the New Year Eve, temperature records were falling with temperatures reaching 15°C.
On 24th morning, I had everything prepared and finished, and I found myself unnecessary at home :-) so I jumped to my car to visit the river. I met few friends with the same experience :-) , so we wished each other all the best and also soaked our flies. I caught few rainbows, surprisingly, the best was the active fishing and I caught also few fish on streamer.

During Christmas, the temperatures dropped down and rain changed to snowfall, so the winter mood was simple irresistible, so I simply could not resist a I went to the river for at least an hour on 27th morning.

We have new colleague Jakub and he started with fly-fishing this autumn, he has never fished with nymphs, he has fished mainly with wet flies for chub and other coarse fish in the Otava River close to his home. I gave him one day fishing on Vltava 24 on Dec 30th as the Christmas present. I prepared for him my new Hanák Superb XP 5 size rod and french leader with two smaller nymphs. There was a little busy in the town of Boršov, so I took him to my favourite place under the town, I demonstrated the technique and I gave him some tips how to move in river and send him to first pool, and after few casts he hooked rainbow of about 3 kg :-) I thing, that he is hooked :-) . We finished day with about 12 fish between us, one of the fish had injury on its tail, probably from otter, hopefully it will survive the winter, fish was in relatively good condition.

p1040484 The opening day of our fly fishing season is usually 1st of January and we did not missed this date. More over if the date looked so magical and the air temperature was over 10 °C from the morning. We met with Honza, David and Franta at river after lunch, we caught some fish (the biggest fish caught Franta as usually and my first fish of the year was roach :-) ) we told some stories, exchanged some Christmas presents, drunk some drinks, and in the evening, the town hall held fireworks in honour of the start of the fishing season, so I made few pictures. What a nice start of the season.

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