Fly-fishing camp for Team Hungary

Květen 1, 2022 - 6:09 pm Komentáře nejsou povoleny

group My friend Zsigmond, captain of the Fly Fishing Team Hungary, asked me to help with organisation of small camp for Hungarian fly fishermen connected with competition, which we called “Vltava Cup”. I booked Penzion Hebertov, our traditional fly-fishing base, arranged all necessary documents, permission from our board and discharge in river. All participants of the competition contributed 10 euros to our Fund for the support of youth sport. I also tried to arrange weather, but it is beyond my competence :-) .

Some people arrived already on Thursday, but main practice day was on Friday, I presented main important methods for competition – nymphing, dry fly and streamer. Morning was cold so fish were not active and did not cooperate well, but we caught something. In the afternoon, after a typical April shower, massive hatch of olives started and fish responded immediately, so we enjoyed also dry fly action. Saturday competition was not easy, but nobody blanked and winner caught 11 fish in two rounds by 90 minutes. On Sunday we again practised different methods of nymphing, mainly dry-dropper system. It was nice early season weekend with great friends, see you next time.

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